Personal Food Computer Build Video


See what goes into building a Personal Food Computer with the team at the MIT Media Lab’s Open Agriculture Initiative.
Go to for more information.

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  1. Yandry Pozo says

    it would be great create a list of items on IKEA, Home Depot or Amazon, or even better sell a full toolkit of pieces, does anyone know ??

  2. Elizabeth Van Meter says

    This is fascinating and exciting, especially for someone who works in the ag sector. With that said, many people are demanding organics, less crop protection tool product use and natural foods. After watching the video I cannot help but wonder what the creators thoughts are behind this. There are a lot of chemicals used to make this product to include the plastic (which I hope is food grade) to the insulation, to the glue used to put it all together. Plant respiration and contact with these parts may cause the chemicals to seep into the plant and ultimately the food. What precautions have been taken to prevent this from happening? If these issues have been accounted for, I think this would be an amazing way to feed the masses.

  3. veganath says

    is there a metric version?

  4. firebird95driver says

    Every product in the world should have a video like this. Incredible work. This is perfect. Reminds me of a certain …

  5. HylianN 92 says

    great idea (╯°□°)╯

  6. peruface says

    how to build it in detail

  7. our planet says

    can u list z part and alternative i can use ,finding accessories are not easily available in our side of the planet

  8. O-star weezie says

    can you grow weed with it

  9. RobertA105 says

    Can't we 3D print this?

  10. Khalid Salah says

    how much would this cost to build

  11. horsehorse111 says

    I'd loved it. I am trying to build this one 🙂

  12. Maximilian Zäh says

    Das Wort, welches all jene Menschen die an der Verwirklichung dieser Idee mitgewirkt haben für mich persönlich am ehesten beschreibt, welches ich kenne heißt Held.

  13. Daniel Springer says

    very cool. I love the idea.

  14. Mansoor Mughal says

    good one but can we have a slower version with all components details?>

  15. Matthew Murray says

    can't wait to build my own

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