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Perth – The gem of Australia’s west coast and the capital of Western Australia. This friendly metropolis boasts pristine beaches, clear water, and plenty of coastline – not to mention an abundance of nature and mineral resources.

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Start your #Perth #vacation with a walk through Kings Park, which is larger than New York’s Central Park and home to the Western Australia Botanic Garden. More than 3,000 species of Western Australia’s plant life, including vibrant flowers, are on display here.

Head to the Swan Bell Tower to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. Enjoy Perth’s architecture, from the modern glass structures and London-inspired Tudor buildings.

Take a ferry ride to Rottnest Island, called “Rotto” by the locals. Snorkel in the Indian Ocean, see wildlife such as seals and birds, and travel across more than 31 miles of cycleways on a rented bicycle.

Don’t miss Swan Valley. This region is peppered with vineyards. Growing grapes has been a long-standing tradition in here. #Visit Hillarys Boat Harbour for a sunset dinner.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. _ hyper _ says

    Man I was born in Geraldton and really wanna go back to WA but I live in Sydney ?. I've been to Perth a few times as I small child but as of now, the best City I've been to is the Gold coast. I love the chill vibes at Surfers Paradise and the theme parks. Next time I go to Perth I'll compare them.

  2. Tosh Townslate says

    Show Me More I am Intrigued!!!

  3. Qiss Khairi says

    Perth is awesome

  4. Kilian GUNGADOO says

    I’ve been there before! But I moved to Melbourne:(instead but I did live there for a couple days:/

  5. Kavita Sharma says

    There was a floating ? bottle

  6. Kavita Sharma says

    So much travel ? guide

  7. PRO Pest Control Sydney says

    Wow really lovely video

  8. Pro Pest Control Gold Coast says

    Thanks For Sharing

  9. Bryce says

    Been there twice and can say it's a world-class city.

  10. daniel prabhakar says

    Perth one of the best places for visiting with family.

  11. Ralph says

    I have been to the three biggest Australian cities and Perth, you are on my bucket list!

  12. Sean LuxEscapes says

    Hey great video – love the vibe. Can you please check out my photos and give me some feedback

  13. Chuck Maddison says

    Perth is great , I know I live here but ask the people living in the doorways and top floors of multi level car parks ask the Aboriginal people in the parks and the people in the welfare suburbs . Yes great if you have plenty of money.

  14. the phoenix 315 says

    There are NOW direct flights from London! I wanna check it out! 17 hr 35 mins

  15. Jaycee says

    This is an awesome vid guys✊? I'm an Artist representing Perth and I'm on that hustle!! I just released a new music video that showcases some of W.A's most beautiful attractions & locations. The rest of the world needs to know how beautiful this state truly is 🙂 would love to hear anyones thoughts on the video. Much Love❤️

  16. lily says

    This is where I born

  17. Liam McKeagg says

    Perth now has a population of 2.14 million and has smog on some days , but it's still has a beautiful skyline and is a great place to live

  18. Rod Reeves says

    Six-year-old video, Perth has progressed so much since this video was made. Population now over 2 million but still not overcrowded.

  19. aisen Lara says

    Make 2 video about kyoto & osaka,,, please!!!

  20. Tran Giang says

    this makes me relaxed

  21. Pavement Pounder says

    No mention of Freo? Fremantle is the best part of Perth, imo, though really a separate city that was swallowed by the Perth metro.

  22. sircilla chinthaltaana knr says

    Beautiful city

  23. Shinji Haraguchi says

    One fucking boring city

  24. Costa del Artlepool says

    Lose the killer snakes/spiders/turtles and I'll be there.

  25. Evangel says

    I'd like to visit Perth. It gave us Heath Ledger, Tame Impala, Troye Sivan, etc. It's even known to be the sunniest capital city in Australia. Plus, it has a lot of South Africans. It's just really sad that a lot of people don't know what or where this city is.

  26. chancy319 says

    1:30 *First invaders

  27. the phoenix 315 says

    This was uploaded on my birthday!

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