Phil Spencer Talks Xbox Series X July Event | NEW Xbox Launch Games, Halo Infinite & Xbox Game Pass


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Microsoft officially detail xbox series x launch games diversity like never before and are placing a major emphasis on halo infinite as the tittle to beat in 2020. That as well as Xbox games pass and much more updated.
Phil Spencer Talks Xbox July Event | Xbox Series X Launch, Halo Infinite, Xbox Series Games & More

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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

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  1. Xscouse Fifa says

    Halo looks kinda shit boyZzzzzz

  2. Durand Peavley says

    Yikes!!This has aged like milk

  3. Durand Peavley says

    Under or over 5The amount of shows Dealer woulda made, if xbox woulda blew everyone away on thursday.

  4. Rico Rodriguez says

    Welp, its been 3days now since this show your talking about has been on . Today is Sun July 26th. How do you feel after the fact? How does everyone here in the comments feel? I never seen so many twist, and delusional people after the fact I’ve ever seen. Phil is not in tune to todays gamers . Omg what a disaster show. After the show some of these guys interviewed some xbox guy . Nobody had the balls to ask anything straight up or correct him on his (Microsoft) point of view. For example he said we wanna give fans what they want. He said thats why we took away the 12 month subscription and left the 3 month and monthly. Right there someone should have said , sir , no disrespect but let me say this. Thats not what fans wanted in fact they got pretty upset . According to youtube , social media , twitter, tik tok facebook and so on . If you want the best ? Demand it . If u dont wake these guys up? They will keep shitting on you guys man. Grow balls and say i love xbox im loyal but your fucking up . Tell them !!!!!

  5. Jay One says

    Been quiet lately you guys just had a HUGE EVENT didn’t y’all ? ????

  6. Chorizoslapp McGee says

    This dude is fucking lost ?? bruh had me dead talking bout xbox this n that n trash talking sony meanwhile xbox making games that are 5 generations behind for y’all ?⚰️

  7. Billybob Baxter says

    Still happy Xbox fanboys ????

  8. Rene Sevriens says

    Xbox is the laughing stock on the internet now…It was the biggest shitshow on internet ever?? And are a joke…..

  9. Blu B says

    Cant wait for Tetris 12TeraFlop ??? , DealerSucker gaming ???

  10. Kai Ulbricht says

    Xbox ? Forever ✌️ Peace from Germany ???

  11. Mysterio says

    Phil the hypeman over hypes and underdelivers once again

  12. the gamer boss says

    Ya X box

  13. Michael Anderson says

    Gamepass I will buy disc version of any game that I what to have in my collection I am not a complete collector I only buy games I have to own because they are good and fun

  14. Connor F says

    I love how in the beginning he said that halo infinite was a huge part of what they were gonna talk about when really that's like the only game they can talk about

  15. Capt X says

    I found this sweepstakes on FB with the price of the new xbox series x console at $750

  16. Raymond Tate says

    what good is having the games if they're not gonna have a very big harddrive space like at lease 6 terabytes

  17. Rkashs Ggeggr says

    Xbox has lots of game at launch but most of them are shit

  18. Psychogenicscc says

    Lol dealer Xbox made you look last gen they took Ls from those 12tflops graphics eventually Gamepass will go multi platform

  19. InTeConfidioIESU says

    PlayStation is just on another level

  20. addicz2 says

    Yo Yo Yo. 12 TeraFlops Maaaannnn

  21. Deitrich Houston says

    Jus here to laugh after that bullshit. Superbowl huh…? Halo Infinite Popin powered by Shitstream engine

  22. woerink says

    Wait, not a single xbot complaining about the bad graphics on Halo? Really?

  23. Jamie Robertson says

    These comments are so funny now after watching that XBOX show lol.

  24. TheGoldNShadow says

    Halo Infinite is…meh in my opinion.The mountains popping in & out of the world just makes it look dumb. It is a new engine and all but they only have 3-4 months to add better graphics like a Halo 5. Hopefully they fix the engine before release (they might delay it idk).

  25. Next Gen says

    Show was good, but the Halo Reveal was horrbile.Sorry but Halo doesnt look like next gen. Im very dissapointet.New engine, big budget very powerful xbox and they show us this graphics. Microsoft needs people that know how to present a Game. I mean Halo is the most important game, and they show it with current gen graphics. thats horrible.Phil, you need better people for presenting games!

  26. D G says

    How was the failrate of Xbox one to 360? I had three 360s die on me, did Microsoft stop cheapening out?

  27. ‏‏‎ says


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