Phish "Dinner And A Movie" Ep. 17: 10/20/13


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  1. Rocco says

    the synchronized jumping at 47:45 lol

  2. bcp5296d says

    As Kramer would say: TCB

  3. bcp5296d says

    tweezer is excellent

  4. T G says

    I do say…quite good chaps! Bravo!

  5. Express Yourself says

    1:36:33 It looked like they were going to exchange instruments….

  6. edkerry87 says

    Holy Piper batman!

  7. Grant says

    Covers-heavy show. Love it

  8. 77BlueSkies says

    good game :))

  9. xloveartmusicx says

    Dies anyone have a live link to Episode 16 Alpine Valley?! Pleeeeease?

  10. is_this_still lonboy says

    Proof that the Mothership is a time machine. They teased Turtle in the Clouds during 2001 5 years before it was born

  11. MC Pajamalamadingdong says

    What’s the Use major tease in Tweez

  12. Marcus Sabini says

    I've seen 50+ shows and that FIRST SET is one of the smoothest and tightest I've heard in a very long time!! they came out guns blazing and never stopped. Highlights: Funky B, Train, 46 Daze and Axis…. so good

  13. Mike Beuselinck says


  14. Chad Cook says

    Please comeback and annihilate Greensboro Coliseum again.

  15. Pep C says

    “Funky Bitch” had me up and dancing off my lunch just now. Thanks.

  16. bgrace94 says

    The mothership lifts off from 2:02:00 to 2:07:00

  17. phan tastic says

    I'm thinking we could get at least ONEinnnocent human being outta jail together. LOVE you all

  18. Thomas Gladders says

    The Takin Care if Business was the bee’s knees! So great-

  19. Michael Berry says


  20. Justin Jone says

    Dinnr and a coochie!

  21. Christopher Wolek says

    What is going on

  22. Rob Kushner says

    This was amazing in person, tickets on the ground everywhere because the price dropped to about 6 bucks a ticket on stub hub

  23. Suzie WickyWic says

    Julius – 0:00Funky bitch – 5:28Back on the Train – 12:15Roses Are Free – 21:51Sample in a Jar – 28:50Ginseng Sullivan – 35:0746 Days – 38:07Divided Sky – 46:02Bold As Love – 1:04:46__________________________Set 2 :((( Trey on Mic: 1:22:25 )))Paul and Silas – 1:23:33Tweezer – 1:25:52Golden Age {1} – 1:49:37Piper – 2:06:55Takin' Care of Business {2} – 2:13:12Also Sprach Zarathustra – 2:19:15Sand – 2:27:28Slave to the Traffic Light – 2:37:00ENCORE :A Day in the Life – 2:51:04Tweezer Reprise – 2:56:12__________________________{1} Fish on Marimba Lumina.{2} Phish debut

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