PHP News Site Tutorial: Part 1-Mysql Setup


Mario hacks, TASes, Cat Mario, movies, programming?

This is the first part in my tutorial to make a news site similar to that of Not necessarily the next wordpress, but it’s mainly designed to teach the basics of PHP and MySql.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments or via PM.

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  1. entertainment 2020 says

    sir can u give me a source code

  2. Sudarshan Paudel says

    i have error when i leave mime and collation fields why??

  3. Deepak Jadhav says

    i had watch ur all videos, but i didnt find how to manage the views of the news. Please give me the link

  4. Minh Bang says

    So great, thanks

  5. Antony Seddon says

    Thank you for this tutorial, it was extremly helpful in getting my site how i wanted it without having to use some time consuming RSS feeds. (Easier to start but longer to publish and article)

  6. yathooo says

    thanks , but y don u put a text format link on this to download ?

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