Pic2Shop – the easiest barcode scanner for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


Pic2shop is the fastest and easiest barcode scanner on the app stores. (link: Two million people are using it! Scan the barcode of a product with your iPhone’s camera and instantly compare the prices at thousands of online and local retailers. Product information, user reviews, etc., are just one tap away!


1. Download the FREE pic2shop app and open it
2. Point the camera at the barcode until the red line turns green (super fast!)
3. Find out where the product is cheaper and save money.
4. Each scan creates a webpage that you can share and access from any computer


ALL IPHONES: Not just the latest models, scans barcodes on the 3G and the new iPod Touch too!
ONLINE SEARCH: Thousands of online retailers help you get the best prices
LOCAL SEARCH: Don’t want to pay for shipping? We can tell you if the store down the street has it
LIBRARY SEARCH: Why pay when you can check things out? Pic2Shop searches local libraries for what you are interested in and will even tell you if it’s checked out (and when it’s due back!).
WISH: Add an item to Wishlist.com in one tap
SHARE: On Facebook, Twitter and many others
EMAIL: Send a link to the full results, or the last 20 scans to yourself or a friend via email
FAST: Identifies barcodes faster and more accurately
WEB FRIENDLY: The web sites of retailers are one tap away, without leaving the app

Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. BarcodeBoy 666 says

    great ! thanks for the video


    I need a price scanner with commodity prices. Not every reader scans in the store and I can not check the price. In our shop (in Poland) there is such a mess with prices that we do not know what the price to which the goods or not at all prices.

  3. tara bullock says

    I use mine to shop for the best deals on college books! Huge $ saver!

  4. John Frampton says

    postedreceipts. com tries to do this, although its strength is as a receipt management service.

  5. سعيد أل حيان says

    كيف الحال علوم اخبر سيول امطر

  6. Grandragun says

    does this work for everything that has a barcode??
    What if I want to compare prices for Sam Adams boston lager 12pack or 1pack of Newport 100s? Will this tell me who has the lowest price?

  7. Bobby Martian says

    Change the god awful music!

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