1. Isac Jonsson says

    0:52 This is litteraly used in Celtic theme from Civilization 4

  2. El Dyablo says

    Amazing song ! <3

  3. Bee Well says

    i was looking everywhere for this, i remember this song as a bonus track on the disc… and no it doesnt play in the game

  4. Ian Gallagher says

    Why is this also in Medieval II Total War Kingdoms?

  5. Артур Яворский says

    This is Scottish probably.

  6. Joel Akeldama says

    I need the lyrics and translation. Please!

  7. alter man says

    I don't remember hearing that song at any point of time in the game. And I've played it like a thousand times :0

  8. darkdragon13891 says

    @CathrineSandre No idea to be honest 🙁

  9. darkdragon13891 says

    the song is green eyes and it can also be found on medieval 2 total war kingdoms: the Britannia campaign. You will hear it on the map of whichever country you play as.

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