Pixel 4a Review – Budget Beast


In almost every sense the Pixel 4a outperforms its competition and in some cases even the higher-end competitors as well.

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00:36 Design
01:57 Specs and Performance
03:09 Power
03:39 Camera
05:07 O.S. Experience
05:49 Worth it?

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  1. TechnoMinute says

    Really enjoyed making this video! Would love to know your thoughts!

  2. aditya rao says

    excellent review. very well explained. camera samples were super!

  3. Bibek Debbarma says

    On the pixel 4a can you continuously keep on clicking the shutter button and take pictures without having to wait for the processing time that it takes?

  4. poikatiikeri says

    I'm really disappointed with the only portrait image you showed from the 4a. It's really too contrasty and not flattering at all. Buildings and nature seems to photograph well but I think people should too.

  5. Akash Kumar Behera says

    Will it get 5g update in future

  6. Magnetar83 says

    I have to say the OLED on this if pretty bad. Mine had uniformity issues and shifted to all colors of the rainbow just by tilting it sligtly.

  7. mmm7761 says

    Can you do pixel 4a vs lg v50 camera test with gcam?They are like the same price

  8. Deepak Dua says

    So the display is OLED not amoled ?

  9. Austin A says

    whats the keyboard youre using

  10. Faiz Arsyad Wahab says

    That shot at the edge of the table gave me anxiety

  11. Chad Champion says

    Not sure how you can call it "budget" when it's probably gonna cost +30k Rs in India.

  12. Adolfo says

    Really enjoyed this review

  13. Phillip Fitchew says

    Watching this on my Pixel 4a! Just got it today.

  14. STYLOR says

    Wallpaper link please

  15. Hexlattice says

    Waiting for the 5G version because I don't want a reason to have to upgrade again in a year…

  16. Techie Science says

    You make nice VIdeos 👍👍🙏You have inspired ME & MANY to establish their youtube brand🙏

  17. Indiana DIY says

    I'm looking to replace my old Essential ph1 I've been considering this phone or a few others. Anyone have any suggestions ?

  18. That’s Dope! says

    I might get the 4a it’s a kool phone amazing camera I mean it takes stars not even iPhone 11 take stars in the night sky in great quality

  19. jdeid sjdjd says

    Is there another way to unlocked this phone ? (face id for exemple)

  20. Clarissa Livingston says

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  21. Gandek says

    5:20 you proved yourself wrong 😂

  22. David says

    Sh*t software and crap hardware is "the budget king"? LOLWhatever you're smoking, do share.

  23. Rob Watkins says

    Nice video! Do you have a Nissan Cube? I noticed in one of your night time shots, the rear window shape looks just like mine.

  24. MatPaak says

    I think there are tonns of budget and midrange smartphones out there and pixel 4a has so many compromises..

  25. Ivan Tadić says

    It's Snapdragon 730G, not regular 730 😀

  26. Awais Sarwar Khan says

    Good review in limited time👍

  27. David Jones says

    Think this is the first video by anyone who has said that no microSD card expansion isn't a loss. It's only taken 10 years since Google's first phone with no microSD expansion for someone to admit it

  28. Jkmzedder says

    Great video man. What did you mean about the menus moving too fast and ability to change in settings?

  29. marlon. says

    pixel 4a the true budget kingmy wallet: not really…

  30. Eloise Gordon says

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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