PixelLab Tutrorials | 2-Simple text editing | text on images on android


Dowload PixelLab for android now :
PixelLab presentation : Adding text, shapes, stickers and drawing on top of your picture has never been easier. With a simple and clean interface that lets you focus on whatever you’re doing, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, more than 60 unique options that you can customize and of course your imagination, you’ll be able to create stunning graphics and amaze your friends straight from your phone or tablet.

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  1. Aida Normila says

    Why my pixlab texs no colorless

  2. Seny Saraswati Distributor Apple Stemcell says

    Billion thanks for sharing..it's Very helpfull for me as a new be in pixellab

  3. Seny Saraswati Distributor Apple Stemcell says

    Terima kasih sanagat membantu sekali buat saya yg pemula memakai pixellab

  4. ALumar islamic graphic says

    https://youtu.be/SW7CajDUh54پکسل لیب کلاس نمبر2اگرآپ موبائل میں خوبصورت ڈیزائن بناناچاہتےہیں یااشتہارتیارکرناچاہتےہیں یاخوبصورت پوسٹ بناناچاہتےہیں توآئیے اس ویڈیومیں آپ کواس کاطریقہ معلوم ہوجائے گااورنہایت ہی آسان ہے چینل کوسبسکرائب کیجیئےگاشکریہ جزاک اللہکلاس 1کالنک https://youtu.be/O4HyXTWVDOo

  5. kzyk6b xeprvz says

    البرنامج جميل لكن هل يوجد تحديث لهمثل اضافة مزايا الوان جديدة

  6. عاشق الانشاد الحسيني says

    لَيــِْ♡̷̴̬̩̃̊ـِْش. يختلف

  7. عاشق الانشاد الحسيني says

    .◦° =D °◦н̲h̲нн̲h̲нн̲h н̲h̲нн̲h̲нн̲h◦° =D °◦.

  8. حكمة الصمت says

    change color not working???!!!

  9. Sandip Kere says

    Emboos effect not working , please check this problem

  10. space gamer says

    This tutorial was very helpful ?

  11. Mike Guadamuz says

    Se puede usar para editar Videos clip de 30 segundos poder ponerles Font a los videos clips pero sin perder calidad ,estoy buscando una apps que realMente ayude

  12. Rizky pekon says

    Colour font tidak bisa

  13. Sis Ruth says

    Pic bag ground colour change chesukovochaa induloo

  14. ꧁༒Cня¡รт¡คหí ༒꧂ says

    No Tiogo Sus Línguaa mi discupile

  15. The masked Man says

    Change the color not working.

  16. Mohit Kapoor says

    Mere pixelab mein colour nhi ho rhe???

  17. MD Padz Channel says

    Thanks for sharing..

  18. 9C Moch Fikron Akhsan Setiyafin says


  19. Sera Aser says

    بده عرف كيف نسخ السم ??

  20. Алексей Сабанцев says


  21. Алексей Сабанцев says

    Приложение супер скачивайте! Мне панравилось

  22. Vee Ichika says

    How to make intro lol

  23. Preju Premkumar says

    Change backgroud colour?

  24. Malak Queen says

    انا بحدد الصوره بتحدد كلمه New Nextارجو الرد

  25. Skorpios says


  26. Pai says


  27. es cendol chanel says

    Cara nambahin font nya gimana sih

  28. jpmjk things says

    This helped

  29. Sajid Ali says

    please solve Urdo latter spacing problem i write somting in Urdo language and when i latter specing down then words are make alfabetic its a big problem please solve this problem

  30. TRAFIONY PL says


  31. YoYoKallaBro says

    bro perception tool available or not

  32. FRANYEAPRO xD says

    como GRABAs pantalla

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