Playing Football With Some Friends!


Football with friends…Because why not?

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  1. gta5 master says

    god eathen was fat

  2. Nikša Bogunović says

    Thanks recommended for showing me this five years later

  3. EL TOMMY says

    Credit to ethan losing that much


    Behz has lost soo much weight since this vid

  5. Fane says

    Who else has at recommande?

  6. AidenP16 says

    Where the hell is Kieran Brown in the video because he is in the thumbnail

  7. Edwin Garcias says

    Who subscribe to just see his old videos

  8. InstincZ. Fn says

    Whos watching this in december 2020 when tobi is dead may he rest in piece ??

  9. Alejandro Wang says

    jj has beautiful corner moves

  10. OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria says

    2014 was weird

  11. _Toby_ says

    Wow bez really was a fat bastard

  12. Aayu Modi says

    Simon still with that lesbian hair

  13. Patryk Wieczorek says

    amazing video

  14. Daily memes says

    What happened to Lewis?

  15. Ollie Hayward says


  16. SAM AHMED says

    This man beat Logan Paul who would have thought

  17. Manu Turgoose says

    Simpler times

  18. Callum Hajjar says

    Back when this wasn’t illegal

  19. Mystic Animations says

    Happy July people

  20. NSDFPOF says

    my childhood… damn i feel so old now

  21. Fm 64 says

    Anyone here because it popped up in their recommended?

  22. Laith Assad says


  23. Louis Russell says

    ooo fwends

  24. Babade Fasinro says

    The good old days when you could record any shit you wanted without being cancelled

  25. Jhonny Hernadez says

    Anyone 2020

  26. zKirbby says

    Who else is watching this in 2020 June during quarantine. ?‍♂️

  27. FaZe_Ragusauce GAMING says

    Who’s here after liverpool has finally won the league in 30 years

  28. AlfieMD27 says

    2020 anyone?

  29. D. z3rOBr says

    Americans dont know play soccer omg????‍♂️

  30. public_wound154 says

    Why haven't I seen this ?

  31. jerry price says

    i’ve never seen this video, and you probably haven’t either.

  32. MrGumbwit says

    1:27 that laugh from Ethan ?

  33. Kxvbu says

    Anyone come back to this banger in 2020 ?? crazy to see how far they’ve come ?

  34. Mariana Ortega says

    0:30 was a beast goal

  35. Extent_ Volve says

    whos here after ksi beat logan paul on rematch

  36. J K says

    Back when ksi was actually a good youtuber

  37. J K says

    I miss the fat ethan

  38. J K says

    1:27 my favourite moment

  39. Xx_grims _xX says

    The real mo bamba thumbnail

  40. Mirza Omar says

    Ethan has improved so much

  41. DelAtTacoBell says

    Im pretty sure this is the only ksi vid that JJ hasnt spoken in

  42. Mazza Productions says

    2019 recommended gang?p.s. Ethan's progress is insane!

  43. SnowierTunic00LIVE says

    What’s the song at 1:06 ?? Anyone ??

  44. Max Melendez IV says

    At 1:48 you could hear the mexican commentator from univison scream golazo lol

  45. Dan Burrito says

    1:28 most Ethan thing ever

  46. Angel Garcia says

    1:45 the Spanish narrator for Univision ??

  47. Mahd Khwaja says

    Enjoying Youtube recommendations?

  48. eye watch cape horn says

    This just popped up in my recomendations

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