Sunday League in FIFA 19? Impossible right? WRONG. It’s possible now thanks to software called the Frosty Editor! Every stadium is now available in the game including a Sunday League pitch and one from almost 50 years ago!


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  1. Shubham Gurung says

    Suunday leauge

  2. laxDer YT says

    Does someone observe how false are this bits from dr dre's song still dre?They have cutted full original beat and make 1 short and play only that one in one big loop?

  3. dark motherboard says

    video starts at 1:54

  4. M A says

    I heard still DRE in the backgroundMaybe I'm just stupid

  5. oran lyons says

    That's the pitch at the start of the journey FIFA 17 when Alex hunter is a kid

  6. BeastMode123755 says

    8:15 OMG WHAT A GOAL

  7. NuttyBat Playzgames says

    Fng: hit the red button belowMe:but mine is grey?

  8. MAAZ ASHRAF says

    Love ur videos ??

  9. Joe Barton says

    Play fifa in a park

  10. William Ollivant says

    How is it Sunday league if one team isn't at least 10 goals up

  11. Lol Basketball says

    5:47 and 5:05 free kicks

  12. josh Mooney says

    They should make this a ft in the create a club and you could start with like u15s was r something

  13. ronignino says

    I though the mod consist on having all the fat guys and a shitty pitch, a lot of mud, and karate kicks .

  14. Chiraq Bootyblack says

    THIS WEEK WE ARE Playing fifa 19 in the Christmas Day ww2 deadman zone football game

  15. hi no one says

    Does anyone hear the songs Dr dre

  16. Lalduhawma Ralte says

    Waiting for your playing FIFA in the rocky lanscape of Mars…

  17. TuTru says

    Had to click off the video with that backing music

  18. Jack Wood says

    The 2nd stadium looks like a top of the first division stadium from 1960

  19. Kacper 123 says


  20. RPT Barney says

    4:43 who else saw Lingards white hair when he’s behind the tree because it’s glitched

  21. The odd YOUTUBER says

    4:44 there’s a first time for everything lol

  22. Nyles ledwith says

    That’s the pitch where Jim hunter scores in the journey

  23. Ryan O'Hara says

    Coronavirus do be making this a reality

  24. NKC says

    2:56 anyone saw Henderson’s brain??

  25. harry and the gamers says

    Plz tell me you sport liverpool

  26. ExoTic WoLf says

    How has this happenedHow has lingard scored

  27. devan gray says

    This is hilarious ? why is the manager on the pitch

  28. Percival Cavanagh says

    Underwater Football

  29. Big Boy Sam Sam 777 says

    FIFA 21 : i cannot be hackedFNG : u sure about that buddy

  30. Jeevan Kahlon says

    Play fifa 16

  31. Ellis hewing-everitt says


  32. Luke George says

    How did u unlock all the pitches?

  33. Furry Vain says

    This is a view of football in corona virus

  34. Kumnandi MCOKOSE says

    Lingard soccered

  35. Gregory Otaro says

    "Mauricio Pochettino looks just as disappointed as he does in the present day"

  36. Chet Padhiar says

    What if someone is watching from the window in their house then niran?

  37. Kyriakos Michalopoulos says

    Why is this weird? I'm seeing Sunday League quality footballer Jesse Messi.

  38. Set Play Gaming says

    "The electricity bill in that home over there is going to be massive" ?

  39. MEGA Footballer says

    ??????? I loved this

  40. Mr.Rapper of the Year 2014 # says

    What happened in the park in 1987?

  41. Harry HC says

    This would be cool actually playing sunday leauge i could play as myself

  42. Name Surname says

    "The electricity bill in that house is gunna be massive"???

  43. Name Surname says

    Its missing the local gang spitting on the away team on the touch line, the dad screaming at his kid and the ref, the 2 stoners under a tree, the bald defender trying to break everyones legs, the goalie smokin and chattin to his sister and her boyfriend by his post.

  44. Leo Velli says

    09:18 Why did they choose that pic of KDB makin that awful face to use in the background? Lmaoo

  45. Party Fighter Gaming says

    I want this in Fifa 21 badly

  46. Franklin Ikechukwu says

    went in hard on Lukaku 3:30

  47. Riley Conlon says

    Bro Pogba had 11 goals in 0 appearances he couldn't get 11 in 1000 games.

  48. Aidan Wells says

    This is the kind of pitch that they need to use during lockdown and Covid-19

  49. Shenzi the Bunny. says

    This has me in tears every time ???

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