Apart from RedCard Soccer obviously x

Have you every wanted to manage players who enjoy going to pubs, scrapping each other and getting boozed up on a Thursday afternoon more than actually playing football? Then Lords of Football is the game for you..

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  1. Rahul V Krishnan says


  2. Zinged 6 says

    this game sucks pes 2020 mobile is the best soccer game ever

  3. Dxrk Clan says

    Niran- Back in a minute
    5 minutes later- I regret my life

  4. Ceca Stojic says

    1000th comment check

  5. Zlatan Bahtjarević says


  6. m dragonas says

    we need another red card soccer video

  7. Tape Tay says

    Sims soccer,explained

  8. Joe Botha says

    Why is Michael atherton in a football video

  9. Taonga Nago says

    This made me laugh, for sure, these are the worst games😂😂😂

  10. XXX l says

    No fans it predicted Corona

  11. Navdeep Singh says

    Breaking news i am trying to get 7500 followers in 24 hours on my tiktok the user is @navdeepsingh_77 on tiktok

    BTW comment a dare on the last video that i made. If we reach 7500 followers in one day i will do top comments dare.

  12. Samay Shah says

    4:59 Who saw Anthony Davis
    Btw 1001st commentt

  13. sr Haunted says

    That looks like sims

  14. erfann says

    2:38 holl up

  15. My Ridgeback says


  16. Advance 333 says

    I love this

  17. BenjiBaba says


  18. iKONFireRedV9 says

    1:44 what is wrong with you mate

  19. João Carlos says

    I was crying at all times watching this, but died hearing the players' names xD
    btw "rabo" means ass in portuguese!

  20. SoapMac Pr says

    oh I used to play this game back in 2017, good funny times

  21. Memetime says

    I wish this guy was just a tap more consistent

  22. Jack Haddad says

    Mario Balotelli Simulator

  23. Gabriel Dias says

    5:14 The schoolboy

  24. Bird - Brawl Stars says

    Imagine if KSI was watching this and saw his name

  25. Carlisle Robinson says

    I wanna see what happens to the squad

  26. Carlisle Robinson says

    Please make another one 😂😂😂I’m dying here !!!!

  27. Belldog says

    you are the funniest YouTuber ever

  28. MrFilbert28 says

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a very badly executed interesting concept? Minus the excessive partying.

  29. TS99 Forever says

    The defending …

  30. Ultimate Bro says

    Seems like a Sims football mod or something.

    With adult content.

  31. Ksi’sForeHead says


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