PlayStation 5 Gameplay Revealed – 26 PS5 Games You Need To See


Last week we got our first look at PlayStation 5 and an amazing line-up of games. Rob and Dave run through every single PS5 game announced at the reveal, and why PS5 has us more hyped than ever before.

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  1. PlayStation Access says

    Hey everyone! PS5 AHHHHHHH! Which PS5 game do you reckon you'll play first?

  2. Michael Ambrose says


  3. Marjan Terčelj says

    Cute. Can't wait for PS6 clip:)))

  4. Victoria Fedeczko says

    So excited for ps5 😀

  5. Jump Error says

    Rob, have you played Hyper Light Drifter yet? Because Heart Machine brought in 2016 that game and it’s amazing! It won’t be on PS5 for sure and I wanna hear you’re opinion. 2d pixel art with my favorite game music ever.

  6. John E Burns says

    Should do the latest playstation memories with the PS5 coming up before Christmas, called Play Has No Limits Since 1995 (25th Anniversary) would be a good idea

  7. _Kira_18 ء says

    Someone give me a solution to the problem

  8. _Kira_18 ء says

    I have a problem with the backup code. I put a mobile number on my Sony account and the number in it is locked and canceled. How do I change the number

  9. Aliyah may says


  10. Nidhan Harish says

    Wow l love PlayStation ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️But I don't have money for it can you please gave me 1 PS5

  11. TheAnimaster says

    Who else thought Horizon Zero Dawn’s reveal stole the thunder from the actual PS5 design reveal?

  12. Boyd Clotts says

    zihacking on !ñstàgràm, one of the admin on here just successfully recovered my psn account real quick, after I had some couple of YouTube videos but they ain't even helpful, thanks admin, you're the best, I'm recommending him for this job.

  13. Miguel Angel says

    Hey wsp Rob this is a awesome channel this is my favorite channel thumb's up playstation channel ?????

  14. A is for Annihilation says

    Horizon looks stunning!

  15. Dom Spears says

    i know its quite funny seeing Rob get angry in a video, but it is quite nice to see him so happy here

  16. aiman Iqmal says

    No fifa 21 ?

  17. The Slayer0 says

    Ps5 is babbba and the most games are babbaaa

  18. COOLPEAK says


  19. Camber126 says

    Rezi 8 and Horizon

  20. Marwan Andaloucia says

    HZD was the reason I got ps4 and it will the reason for me to buy Ps5

  21. bigzachful says

    The only good thing about 2020 is Videogames. Videogames are literally the last hope of humanity lol

  22. Jimmy Crackorn says

    A lot of people are hating on the design already and I don't see a good reason for that. To me, the design is beautiful. My only wish is that they release a version with the shades reversed. I was hoping for the outermost parts to be black. It would look good in solid and solid black as well, but the exact opposite scheme would be just right for me.

  23. Sombraelerizo says

    5:08 Gotta appreciate how much Rob channels his inner kid about how much he anticipates a new gaming console.

  24. Paul Diamond says

    Rob. Rob… Rob… … … You mentioned Kena… and that's all you did. Did you watch that trailer? How are you not more excited?

  25. Lawrence Warren says

    How can I contact the team if I have an idea I would like to pitch?

  26. Kyle Rodriguez says

    He says” gta 5 is the most popular and biggest open world game”Minecraft:allow me to introduce myself

  27. Spacestream K says

    hmm are you guys allowed to say what you really think about what the console looks like??

  28. Daniel Cronwall says

    Absolutely hoping for some Metal Gear stuff! We need Snake on every console generation!

  29. Adam Lyons says

    Buying this console for Demon's Souls alone.

  30. Jose H says

    We want GOD OF WAR !!!

  31. Mene Gene says

    Waitwaitwaitwaitwait…..WAIT! You're actually excited to pay for GTA V again.?!?!?! Just makes me glad I have it on PC now. SMH…..

  32. Whitefall says

    I know we all love 'Angry Rob', but i think this proves that 'Bursting from the seams Joyful Rob' is the best Rob. The happiness in this video is infectious.

  33. Sophie Grace says

    Apparently the PS5 will be backwards compatible too so yass!!!

  34. Paul O'Neill says

    I want to see want PS5/XSX can do with Witcher 4.I suspect I won't want to come out of the game (esp if it's VR ready)

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