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For our latest lookbook, we did our best to channel the feel of changing leaves as closely as we could in warm and sunny Southern California. It’s actually the one time of year we would really relish some brown and yellow leaves and wish for the crisp chill in the air. We hope you enjoy our take on fall- with deep hues of purple and green, combined with sexy black and everything in between. We’ve included some short dresses that can transition from Labor Day to fall evenings with tights and boots, and luxe maxis that offer a fresh take on florals and lush solids too. With romantic skirts that twirl and silhouettes that
embody classic beauty, “Autumn Serenade” is the song fall has sung.

From new silhouettes like our Joyce Dress that is playful and
school-girlish, evoking memories of starched uniforms from grade school with a sexy grown up feel, to our Cassie Tank Dress- a sexy plus size bodycon ready for a night out- there is something for everyone this season. Our Elsa Dress is a silhouette and style we are particularly excited for. Elsa offers girlish charm and delicate lace in a cut that can be as dressed up as you’d like. If you’re one with a penchant towards florals for autumn, you’ll love the various plus size floral dresses and pants.

We’ve covered our bases when it comes to casual attire too. When comfort and ease is your priority, you want to look put together without a fuss. You’ll love our simple tops, jeggings, and comfy plus size maxi dresses. Join us on this mini-escape and see yourself wrapped up in emerald and forest green, gorgeous prints, and more. We invite you to listen and hear our “Autumn Serenade.”

Thanks to the Katz family for the generous use of their home.

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