POCO X3 NFC Unboxing & 48 Hour Review | THIS Changes EVERYTHING..


POCO X3 Unboxing & 48 Hour Review | This Changes EVERYTHING! This is my official unboxing and in-depth detailed review of the Poco X3 NFC smartphone! At £199 it might just be the best budget phone on the planet, with high to mid-range specs! With the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chip, 6GB ram, 128GB storage, a 6.67″ FHD+ 120hz display, with 120hx refresh rate and 240hz touch sampling rate, this phone is excellent for day to day use and some serious gaming on a budget! Camera and battery also on the test mill, and at 5160 mAh capacity, this phone is insanely good for the price!

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  1. ASBYT says

    ** Is this the best budget phone of the year? **

  2. Gary Healey says

    Is Moto G9plus better 😗

  3. JL GAMING says

    What Racing game is that? it's cool!

  4. Stuart Moss says

    Do you know if xiaomi will release the xiaomi mi a4 this year

  5. Devansh Gaur says

    I have seen unboxing and reviews by Technical Guruji, must say this is a kind of british Technical Guruji. Rightly said, this is the most british accent I have heard.

  6. Vynestik YT says

    Score antutu is 300 780 and snap 845 is 350 000 even 765 is 300 000

  7. Dave Angelo Aseo says

    Cheap but in Philippines this one is expensive

  8. flametakuya says

    It's a fantastic phone, had it for 3 days now, a big step up from my old oneplus 6. Haven't had a chance to use the camera tho sadly

  9. Vicious says

    How would one get this on Verizon?

  10. Tininha Cunha says

    I'm still working a Huawei P8 lite 2015, that I had since 2015!!! Well this year I was thinking about buying a new phone and I'm between TCL 10L (166€), Oppo a72 (188€) and Pocco X3 (194€) can you help me please?

  11. Abhijit 1111 says

    Bro wolf wallpaper link please..

  12. justjustkit Gaming says

    mi 10 ultra

  13. sher sher says

    Why say gigabyte all the time. Just short to gb. Display has only 450 nits brightness while poco x2 had 500+ nits. Is that true?

  14. Madhu Kamsala says

    Is it worth for pubg gaming?

  15. Pkboss says

    Love from Pakistan

  16. Magnetar83 says

    It looks great for the price, but it's not for me.

  17. mohmad radzi bin husain says

    Tq bro

  18. Ke Li C says

    The first time came across to your channel with the review and straight away subscribed to your tune. I was thinking to get one but will not mind just throw a few more bucks for POCO F2 Pro.

  19. mordz says

    Am I the only one who wishes that Poco and Xiaomi could have moved that damn punch hole on this phone and on the Redmi Note 9 Pro a couple of inches to the left???

  20. Oisin O'Neill says

    Would you mind comparing this with the poco f2 pro? Would be interesting to see which phone feels faster

  21. Md. Imamul Islam says

    It's not €199. That's an early bird price. People are treating it like the regular price.

  22. DJ Metro says

    Didn't even mention all the ads xiaomi put into every single task you'll be doing on this phone. Disliked.

  23. krishrajsinh jadejA says


  24. Junaid Zalzala says

    Hi, you said NFC at the very beginning but didn't mention anything about it throughout the video, didn't mention if it has an IR blaster, how about variants, no photos or videos samples…

  25. Santosh Kacham says

    £199 is for early bird offer, actual price is £230…

  26. Julio Ortega says

    Full of ads

  27. Eljay 87 says

    I think you'd be better spending £279 and buying the Realme X50 5G

  28. Ghossler says

    I got it a few days now and love it, just miss world charging, 5g and proper face unlock

  29. Jibin Joseph says

    Why is it named poco x3 "NFC"🤔

  30. De Alfonso says

    Дисплей 👉👎

  31. Lasse Nielsen says

    What about safetynet test. Can it pass? So we can use bank apps in Europe?

  32. Dave Tech says

    Is the poco f2 better?

  33. Kapa says

    At that price, do they have ads in the OS and sell your data?

  34. Abhijit Chatterjee says

    I prefer the poco X2 actually because of the higher brightness nits n glass back but poco X3 hasn't yet revealed its price in India so will have to see

  35. archi2d3d says

    Thank you for this review ! Do you know if this camera provide RAW files for PHOTO ?

  36. Elihai Hadad says

    Wallpaper ?

  37. Dan Dexter Balbacal says

    Even its cheap still cant afford it

  38. Houssem Rabah says

    199£ ===> 120Hz1200£ ==> 60Hzhooow you know that I am talking about iPhone 12 Pro max ?

  39. dokmand says

    You don’t talk about the in system adds

  40. Leonid Joseph says

    notification led👍

  41. Денис Линёв says

    what is the name of the theme with the wolf?

  42. Rosyid Romdhoni says

    Man, I get excited everytime you say "nice" 😆

  43. abo saleh says

    you did not talk about the point how they baked in adds in every corner they could in their software. That is a very important point

  44. Tom Rosete says

    I agree with you about quad cam set-up. Two lens are more than enough. They could have exchange it for an amoled display.

  45. Michael A says

    sadly..still running on android oreo

  46. Johnny Jiang says

    A link for where to get it when available would be nice. Thanks

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