Pogba to stay at United | Gabriel rejects Man United for Arsenal | Willian Done Deal


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Pogba to stay at United | Gabriel rejects Man United for Arsenal | Willian Done Deal

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  1. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    1:45 impressive

  2. Baiju K S says


  3. J-LINDO 6 says


  4. Creddy Fruga says

    If Gabriel has chose Arsenal it will be threw Pepe & the Brazilians that are there

  5. London’s Red says

    You fucking prick no one is celebrating willian, ur just like every other deluded manure fan, most of us arsenal fans don’t even want willian and ur just fuming cuz you wanted Gabriel so bad that. The idea of him joining gunners just pisses you.

  6. MarbleHalls TV says

    Kai or whatever his name is – man says Chelsea have better transfers than Arsenal. OK, didn' you man sign Kepa as a world-record?? Didn't you man get Bakayoko? keep on saying Arsenal's transfers have been shit when you haven't fixed your key areas yet! man was blaming the ref for losing at Wembley!!! If Gavaskaia can get you Drinkwater, donn't have much confidence in her "abilities"!

  7. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    0:45 startling


    This guy is sooooo salty ???????


    Pepe chose arsenal over united ? so I wouldn’t be surprised

  10. joe bloggs says

    the guy in the bottom right looks like hes picked the hair up from the barber shop floor and stuck it on hes head

  11. JMD YT says

    I hate people who say you were hating on a player/manager when they were not performing well but when they start to perform well get asked to apoligize does not make sense

  12. pipthegooner says

    normally, I agree with Terry on most things, but this stream, he pissed me off. yes, I can take banter and we're pathetic for finishing 8th. what pissed me off was him saying it was "ARSENAL FANS" that are making up lies about Willian and Gabriel, are you actually stupid Terry? you clearly know it's the media who type this bs, you CLEARLY know it's them, those guys would do anything for people to read articles on their websites, but no, you decide to twist it and say Arsenal fans, as if it's us making up these dumb rumours. I'm not one of those deluded Arsenal fans who think just because we won FA Cup, we're now greats again, hell no, but use your brain Terry and stop twisting shit for views. you're no different from these fake media rumours reporters. MY God, unless it's your first day with a brain.

  13. Simon Cowie says

    Arsenal need to wake up & start living in the real world Stop dreaming & acting deluded this is why you will be like Liverpool 30 years without winning the Premier League & never winning a Champions League Arsenal fans need the men in the white coats ????

  14. Blender589 says

    One Arsenal Fan tweet. Terry All Arsenal Fans.One United Fan tweet about Ole Terry doesn't like. Oh that's just noise, don't listen it to. Yes good mate.

  15. Simon Cowie says

    Terry I was like you I was Ole out but I opened my eyes & saw what Ole was doing & Ole won me over & im Ole In & back him 100% nowWe all need to back Ole every day.Ole I apologise for being Ole out & I hold my hands up I was wrong.Ole you keep doing it your way & we back you 100%#OlesAtTheWheel #OleIn

  16. Dashaivan says

    Lol Pogba is not staying because of Ole, he staying because he knows a better manager could take this team places.

  17. Simon Cowie says

    That’s awesome news Pogba to sign a new deal staying now we need to sign Sancho Gabriel Partey Grealish & Jiménez.We will have a awesome strong sqaud this season.Formation: 4-3-3Starting line upDe GeaWan BissakaMaguireGabrielShawParteyFernandesPogbaSanchoRashfordMartialSubsRameroLindelofFredJiménezIghaloGreenwoodJamesThe Avengers are assembling & this is our time WE ARE BACK.Watch Man Utd push for the title & close the gap to 3-5 points.

  18. Jackdaven99 says

    This is why United Stand will always be better than your product. It's obvious Mark etc are United fans & promote their channel towards United fans so the stuff they say about Arsenal is expected. You however promote your product as unbiased which is where you lose every bit of credibility. Regarding Arsenal targets rejecting you guys & others. We're quoting the exact same sources which you quote regarding Sancho & others. The sources are reliable if it suits Utd though? ?‍♂️

  19. Ayodeji eruja says

    hi terry , i love your show and i have learnt alot from your channel , but you did not just call another person whos not pulisic captain america, one love

  20. Captain Klun says

    Give ole a lifetime contract ???

  21. Jay Blood MUFC says

    Bin ole in from the beginning bruv.. rated him from day, there's always gona be haters it is wat it is

  22. Kesh AFC says

    Every rival fan is desperate for Auba to leave he’s staying get over it

  23. Paul Sanyangore says

    Don't you think pogba wanting to stay at this moment is also an announcement that Sancho is coming

  24. Jazz Maan says

    Terry wanking all over ole …..jheez…next season you'll want him gonna…delusional manks ?? bow down to the champions foolz……x ynwa

  25. Kevon Joseph says

    You real salty bro put some respect on Arsenal name

  26. Callum O'Connor says

    Aubameyang literally wants to fucking stay he's been wanting to stay since March it acc vexes me when people say that also can I say that I've watched this channel for 2 years and it's clear to see the arsenal agenda

  27. Spontaneous 1 says

    Look mate, no one rejecting anyone because they think it is a greater club. It’s all about the money. Also you need to stop accusing fans of certain things, these only on your head. Also stop getting people to call pretending they Arsenal fans such as the guy who called himself Dt.

  28. Old School Gamer says

    I can’t believe there are still clowns claiming that Ole hasn’t made a massive difference to our football club and fixed the majority of the problems.For the first time since Fergie left I can only see is going one way and that is up.If there’s anybody who still is on the fence as to whether Ole is the right man you need to watch this, I reckon you’ll change your mind: https://youtu.be/EmlKbg3yzBA

  29. Craig Barlow says

    Shopping at McDonald's Pepe was 72m , Auba is world class , David Luiz signed for 8m marked Giroud out the FA cup final something your Utd bottle jobs couldn't do who was thrashed 3-1 by Chelsea….Willian on a free is very good squad depth he's better than Saka ,Martinelli and Nelson we already have …Willian,Auba and Pepe will cause trouble next season, Arteta has already made us harder to beat ask Liverpool, City ,Chelsea fans …The fact Arsenal are improving under Arteta you don't like as a rival .

  30. Craig Barlow says

    Chelsea boys still salty after that FA cup final ahhhhhhhhhhhhh lol .

  31. DiggerTrueRed says

    Paul pogba will been seen as the most overrated player this century after he retires behind Sanchez unless he leaves Manchester

  32. Jay mc says

    And Arsenal will make champions leauge football nxt season and if you want a £250 bet Terry and if iwin iwill donate the winnings to the NHS

  33. Jay mc says

    Champions leauge football does not grantee you a trophy so stop talking BS terry

  34. Craig Barlow says

    Banter how about Manchester Utd bottled the FA cup against Chelsea Terry ? Got thrashed 3-1 yet Arsenal who Utd fans say are weaker made City and Chelsea look ordinary fuuny hey ?

  35. Tracy Morgan's Belly says

    This actually pathetic??Listening to these salty little boys (grown men move different) crying their eyes out over Arsenal.

  36. Craig Barlow says

    Gabriel has chosen Arsenal over Utd …I'll admit if i'm wrong aswell unlike Utd fanbase.

  37. DiggerTrueRed says

    Get it right Pogba is only stopping at Manchester because no one can afford to buy him at 90M if there was no covid-19 he be off like a shot FACT

  38. Craig Barlow says

    Terry stop talking shit Auba has already said he's extremely happy at Arsenal, Arteta was smiling when asked about Auba before the FA cup final , fanbase worships him aswell …Auba signing is salt on rivals faces lol inject the saltiness.

  39. Mason Greenwood says

    All these Arsenal fans getting emotional is quite funny and Arteta be as good Fegie now that's funny Fergie has won more titles than Arsenal intire club history ?????????????????????

  40. Old School Gamer says

    It takes a big person to apologise and admit they were wrong, which is why I have so much respect for you Terry.Likewise I owe Pogba an apology because I was one of those people thinking he was a problem and like you with Ole I clearly got that one wrong.I still think he needs to tell his agent and brother to shut the fuck up at times but otherwise he has clearly never been problem, or Ole would have dropped him like with Sanchez and Lukaku.

  41. donkeyyu KONG says

    the man utd terrace

  42. Craig Barlow says

    Auba signing a new 3 year deal , Saliba arrives from loan , Gabriel to Arsenal that's two new CBs at the club expect CB departures now .Willian is done , Coutinho in the pipeline aswell also Lacazette heavily linked with Juventus , Guendouzi linked away to Villareal with Emery alot going on but more importantly i trust Arteta .

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