1. lucas dionysio says

    isn't the legendary theme?

  2. Nathaniel Taylor says


  3. george kazakos says


  4. JamesJWWFC says

    Love it :3

  5. Wagner Alves says

    amazing, thank you

  6. Nicci Haywood says

    i love dissong!!!!! :3

  7. Chulo! says

    Omg the nostalgia

  8. XanaTitan says


  9. Cameron McElroy says

    Jessie: Go Arbok! Go Lickitung!James: Go Weezing! Go Victreebel!

  10. Matheus Martins says

    Curto demais essa música

  11. Marcel Rodrigues says

    essa musica é foda 🙂

  12. game rocket says


  13. tormhans says

    fucking instant goosebumps everywhere

  14. Skillsman112 says

    I am going to give my coment 'Thank you'

  15. Crystal Salamence says

    I'm making a pokemon game can I use your music?

  16. Manuel II Palaiologos says

    Mewtwo has his nutsacks on the ankle…

  17. Hyacignis54 says

    Thx so much i couldnt find this

  18. Okami says

    Everytime I fight on pixelmon I listen to this XD

  19. Aryamik Talwar says

    This is totally EPIC! anyone knows where i can download this from?

  20. DLH says

    Pokemon using this battle music ( GEN 7 ):86: SEEL87: DEWGONG170: CHINCHOU171: LANTURN320: WAILMER321: WAILORD370: LUVDISC493: ARCEUS647: KELDEO648: MELOETTA649: GENESECT686: INKAY687: MALAMAR

  21. Zbychu menelos says

    Good Music

  22. MystyrNile says

    In what game is this the battle music?

  23. FOREVER says

    hey anyone I'm looking for the one that goes , thunthun ,thun , thunthun thin , thunttttt thunah thuntttt thunahh , anyone please ?

  24. Vidar Mogstad says

    What's the name of the song?

  25. oldnavy537 says

    @lordpopo You call that a pun? It seems kinda Farfetch'd to me.

  26. eeduardo64 says

    My childhood days :`)

  27. Craft2974 says

    Those 40 people who disliked had no childhood whatsoever

  28. LuckyPlaysMinecraft says

    This is so kewl

  29. Matthew Hayden says

    This is the only video I could find of the real song!

  30. Finaljustice101 says


  31. Jorge Andres Duran Carrasco says


  32. Federal agent Holic says

    No silly thats what the potato sack is for.

  33. MrKajithecat says

    What plays in my head at the beginning of every test

  34. Apad Faszat says


  35. jessica tu says

    *Boyfriend*Hey did you get me a birthday gift?*Girlfriend*Sorry i forgot.0:00

  36. Crumpdiddy says

    This is 1998 all over again. Shit just got real

  37. Jesus Escalante says

    Every time I hear this theme shit just got real

  38. Powerate says

    This music is from…?

  39. Andre Garcia says

    I love the viola intro its amazing

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