Pokimane Reacts To My Marshmello – Happier (Fortnite Music Video) – Remake / Parody!


Thank you Pokimane, very cool!
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  1. xDogged says

    Hey Guys! Be Sure to SUB for more Fortnite Music Videos, We're on the road to 1,000,000 ?

  2. Teresa Sarmiento says

    THIS IS sad I just got a husky SHES A baby THIS video reminds me of all my dog's THAT DIED

  3. let's play roblox! idk says

    I started crying when she cried

  4. Prince Miguel Ramirez says

    why is it a bunny and a dogme: theres no skin as a dog

  5. Dupree Brown says

    One like that thinks it’s sad thumbs down if it’s Hilarious

  6. Dupree Brown says

    Dog:dying :(. Pokie : realizes its sad

  7. Tyler Blevins says

    I cried during this 🙁

  8. Aiden Chiriboga says

    F%#$* Pokémane

  9. Mastablasta24 says

    F in chats boys

  10. crashnation says

    I started to cry when the dog was dying because it reminded me of my dog dying

  11. Achebe Obaseki says

    My rabbit died a few days ago ???

  12. Brenda Delvalle says

    I can’t stop thinking of dog Rex he passed away two days ago possibly died due to the virus

  13. Colton Rieke says

    This made me cry

  14. Idk S0lrac says

    Poki: idk about you guys but this is hilarious Also poki 2 seconds later: aww this is sad

  15. Eko1 Gaming says

    Dont bully me but I just realised Carlyle shay was in dis

  16. Ognen Trpchevski says

    i cry haw sad is it LEGEND

  17. Carter PlayZ says

    <3 😀

  18. Space Roblox says

    Why am i so dumb i keep watching happier i always cry

  19. Miguel Parizotto says

    Oy my goddddddd

  20. Caiden LaFave says

    I cried

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