Portal – You Wouldn't Know | Music Video


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An animated music video for ‘You Wouldn’t Know’ from Lego Dimensions. Written by Jonathan Coulton and performed by Ellen McClane.

Animated by me using Source Filmmaker.


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  1. John Patrick Lowrie says

    You've done it again, Harry101UK, a wonderfully funny, apt animation for another great Jonathan Colton song sung by my wife! Bravo!

  2. Al Donker says

    1:03GLaDOS: I was saying this to batmanme: ok.

  3. Hyperdrifter20 says

    How to make this canon Replace Batman with Freeman, and imagine the "someone I trust." As sarcasm

  4. Kayley Hutchins says

    GLaDOS if the whole place was on: this is fine

  5. Azen says

    Wait she's telling that she don't want us anymore.._.

  6. Chris Marik Morgan says

    Glados needing to flex on chell with batman XD. She misses her. Somewhere down there in here memorycard

  7. Mama van Keizer says


  8. Glados Aperture says

    ? Why is there a fake me I sent her away I said do not come back so she did not

  9. Nori Baughn says

    Batman and chief from halo WHAT

  10. rotom with a gun says

    How long did it take for glados to open portals to other dimensions

  11. bartek calinski says

    but what iffat chell

  12. weird apple says


  13. weird apple says

    Love your video

  14. weird apple says

    Wow just wow

  15. LaughingStock •2116• says

    this is how you strike fear into someone’s heart.

  16. Poni says

    I CRY

  17. MetarLivit says

    I'm the only one asking why there are so many characters of others videogames, and specially, why is Batman in there?

  18. Reece Perry says

    At 3:03 Batman should’ve done the Batusi

  19. YOU kanal says


  20. Vergil, the Architect says

    I feel GLaD0S had a bit of reverse stalkholme syndrome.

  21. Lobão says

    3 years pog

  22. DragonSpaceDoodler says

    I remember my brother got Lego Dimensions, and when I found out there was a Portal section I had to do it for him. Him, me and my Dad then played the game and completed it together. And when this song played, I started crying because 1) it was unexpected and 2) Portal and Portal 2 were my introductions to gaming, and to have one more GLaDOS song just made me so so happy. It was like seeing an old friend again.My dad didn't get why I was crying though and called me a baby, and you know what? Damn right I am when this woman sings!

  23. Dániel Matyó says

    Will there be a Hungarian inscription for this?

  24. Fresh Sans says

    The room:*on fireGlados:”this is fine”“I’m fine”

  25. Scrambled says

    wtf is batman doing here. i mean, yay cool, but. why?

  26. Determination Animations says

    9oh whats this from? Or did you make it up?

  27. Max Sckvorets says

    Я увидел сержанта Дорнона

  28. Diego Pahuara says

    quien agarra mi neurotoxina xdddd

  29. Lucas Lima Monteiro says

    glados still misses chell , shes want her back, she just don t admit

  30. BMBirdsong says

    A Subject I used to know….

  31. Jack Burton says

    I kind of want to become GLaDOS and be in aperture science but COVID-19 and Advancement of technology is stopping me because I wouldn’t be able to test people because of the virus and we aren’t skilled enough yet to make a real life GLaDOS! 🙁

  32. Tanuki says

    The reference to the Lego game ha ha

  33. Nateman1000//Nate the Gamer//gaming reviewer says

    This is technically portal 3

  34. cool jeff Lopez says

    Master chief does not use portals, glados

  35. Mr. Chair says

    0:27 portal stories mel!

  36. Dorsal01 says

    i like it pretty funny with the BIG FAT MESS

  37. FiFo The W says

    Batman in P0RTALlogic

  38. LETL WOW says

    this song is good too =3

  39. Laura Graves says

    Is it bad that 2:07 to 2:23 is one of the coolest things I ever heared? ??

  40. DexVex_ says

    2:59 that one drunk dad at the party

  41. Euan McMullan says

    i heard this song in lego dimensions!

  42. Merlin Kirsch says

    Wait why glados tests with Black mesa staff I thought the companies hate each other

  43. Alex Barnes says

    Kind of disappointed the cameo characters weren't any of the ones from LEGO Dimensions.

  44. EnergyCypher Studios says

    GlaDos isn't actually evil all the time, she just gave Chell tests to make her fats bar goes lower.

  45. Peter Dowdle says

    Samus looks so shiny

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