1. Rickie TickyTavi says


  2. Lion Krohn says

    happy nuw yea

  3. Al Heroich says

    Powder toy not powder game

  4. SnowJohn says

    if you ever do this again. DO'NT USE THE MEALTING POINT BOMB.

  5. Hulk Hulkov says

    я единственный тут русский?

  6. Ahmad Sayyed says

    piece of shit! make a link that is accessable for my internet!

  7. linuxguy 11 says

    I r8 m8 8/8

  8. Luis Amaya says

    Hi too

  9. i git pu33i says

    Please stop lip smacking. Plus, get a distance away from the mic, it's way to close.

  10. Garvin marshall says

    im sorry if i offend him or any one else but his voice is terrifying i jumped out of my chair when i first herd his voice i jumped and it is scarry i dont know if i can sleep well tonight

  11. LocalEejit says

    no, its a free download

  12. Mynameisfilp says

    did u have to buy it?

  13. Korb says

    its also called the powder toy

  14. BiFur says

    Yes, the version I have is Powder Toy. Yes, I put Powder Game on accident. I was used to playing a version called the Powder Game. Please stop commenting about it! ^^

  15. Mr Geary says

    It's called the powder game if you download it elsewhere.

  16. lai yip says

    It's powder toy OMG

  17. mark baltus says


  18. poops man says

    That is powder toy

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