1. Ri’Onna Hill says

    how is tht weird?

  2. Taj Frazier says

    Shout out to my guy shotbylate, the videos he shoots are heat???

  3. Mahni Wave says

    Nah that’s gotenks ghost?

  4. Fr33minded says

    A female 69…..wtf

  5. Deondre Dixon says

    She's a lesbian btw

  6. everybody scream it’s almost halloween ! says

    i mean.. she is a lesbian and the video was kinda for girls ??? but personally this scared me and i’m a lesbian ???

  7. DuhZire says

    My "thot detector glasses" are off the fucking charts right now

  8. Pressure Pack says

    WTF is in my ear

  9. Grimm reaper says


  10. darius hernandez says


  11. Ninja ML says

    He went to this ? into this ?

  12. Andrell Boyd says

    Ur reaction is funny

  13. KoolKing Femi says

    Wowwww?.. she caught us all by surprise cuz she actually "somebody's daughter"??‍♂️? … I can't lie I'd still smash tho lol she's something else man

  14. ItzMeKyrell says

    She's a lesbian girl that went viral on Tik Tok for one part of the song for you I'm going to let you hit it for free

  15. Angie Jordan says

    She’s a lesbian bro this ain’t for u to “get a boner” not everything is for a mans pleasure

  16. Zayy D.N. says

    Her name really ppcocaine

  17. PlugCity says

    Imagine watching this n then havin a daughter

  18. AnthonyCleofus says

    McQueen at 0:00 “AHHHH” | Me: takes headphones off

  19. Karma Corey says

    Rip headphone users

  20. Black Mamba says

    Bella delphine and cupcake fused

  21. Tyworx says

    Wtf did I just watch?

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