1. Naes London says

    I love you

  2. Caitlin Alyn says

    I shot my footage at 24fps, do I still make my sequence setting 30fps?

  3. Claudio Quadrini says

    Hi premiere bro. I have question. Where and how do i get more sequence presets for adobe pro cc 2015. i only have a few but i need more. thanks for your help.


    Im having trouble finding the Instagram preset after creating it. How do I load it into the video? Whenever I export it, I cannot find the preset even after saving it

  5. Sara Nimeh says

    Hi It is cropping my image smaller than the proper instagram size when I put it at 640X 640… Why?

  6. Glybirdy says

    Question: conforming video to these settings in export only (and leaving sequence settings as is), will this produce a similar result? I'm working in ProRes and Instagram video for us is an afterthought, exporting our 16×9 video twice; once for web, once for Instagram. I don't intend to conform to 1:1 necessarily (640×640 or 1080×1080).I noticed our web team uploaded @ 23.98 and it was dropping frames; this is because I believe Instagram is 30 FPS, no?Also, I believe Instagram now has a 1:00 video length cap; would you still recommend staying under 25 MB, or what would be the adjusted size?Sorry for so many questions. Love your videos and thanks for always contributing to the Premiere community!

  7. Michael Xing says

    Q: How to get sequence presets? like Digital SLR, AVCHD. Thankyou

  8. Righteousprd says

    I hate your videos so bad, they give no useful information at all

  9. Federico Almandoz says

    hey what if i use the aspect ratio 16:9, will work the same?

  10. Kyle Moore Piano says

    Very helpful. All tutorials should be 1 minute long.

  11. iamLegends says

    Perfect, Thank you

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