President Donald Trump addresses coronavirus response in a news conference – 4/27/2020


President Donald Trump holds a news conference on Monday, which appears to replace the coronavirus task force briefing that had become a daily affair in recent weeks. The Covid-19 outbreak has spread to dozens of countries globally, with more than 3 million confirmed cases worldwide and over 208,131 deaths so far, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. There are at least 972,900 cases in the United States and at least 55,118 deaths, according to the latest tallies.    

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President Donald Trump addresses coronavirus response in a news conference – 4/27/2020

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  1. Presley Deen says

    Silence Majority- we can fight back w/o speaking up . Boycott dems , lefts & BLM funders products, company, supporters and holly weird ! Support fellow patriots instead Like Goya !

  2. steven brown says

    Just look at the time line go as far back as 2018. It might have started in China but the warnings and scientific proof was there long ago. How can anyone sane be proud of this Narcissistic fool.

  3. steven brown says

    What did he mean by you should have no complaints. Is that because he is black and what’s going on

  4. HoLd_My_OrBiTaL says

    All I see in comments are Americans slandering someone they don't like for whatever reason, like him or not the man is president in an unsure time and nobody knows how to beat a virus without mistakes along the way, he's doing a good job looking after a country and dealing with this aswell. Every leader like them it hate them…deserves to have the people behind him through this time. Some solidarity and a little piece of maturity shouldn't be difficult for us all surely. I don't like my leader at all but in mature enough to understand this would be difficult fir anybody to have the pressure to lead from the front, for that I give him respect. Why do you struggle to do the same?

  5. Rachel Brown says

    as per bormal his character is brilliant them governers illegally doing the lockdown he should be angry but hes letting it slide,but proof is dems doing a bad job leftie liars hes out doing you

  6. Nancy T says

    Omg . The puppet show…too funny…

  7. Sylvia Santana says

    Awesone do glad about this move and accomplishment and team work…

  8. julesdownunder says

    Striking hair colour change! Eyebrows too! Seems Trump may have been on Hydroxylchloroquine for some time and high doses too. It is known to cause hair bleaching in addition to other side effects

  9. Yolanda Charles says

    The open all school ok

  10. T Moore says

    God bless America ….land that I love…and the American Dream lives on ….#MAGA ???

  11. John Barrett says

    I miss Fauci the Fraud! He reminds me so much of that famous Jewish entertainer, Jimmy Durante. But Fauci is a good Catholic right? Yeah right. Nice try deep state. Nice try Mossad.

  12. Johnny Barretti Channel says

    Tg61? coronavirus ,important news from Bologna,Italy

  13. Robert Keating says

    Trump's biggest invisible enemy: his brain

  14. Julie Harrison says

    What an idiot… how did he get elected???? …. oh sorry forgot …. his daddy left him millions of dollars…. if ever there was an argument in favour of of abortion it would be Donald trump ?

  15. Rob Koning says

  16. Rob Koning says

  17. Nancy Mohass says

    The important choice we confront is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity. Both the epidemic itself and the resulting economic crisis are global problems. They can be solved effectively only by global co-operation. Harari

  18. Martin Smith says

    The circus has left town ; andTRUMP still trying to be thesideshow ⚠️❗

  19. E K says

    From Bruxelles. I LOVE YOU.European Governments are corrupted.

  20. crocusflower says

    you'd like to provide us with more childish lies & nonsense. go back to bed & watch tv like you do for hours every f'ing day instead of doing your damned job. you are the worst damned excuse for a leader that ever was. my kitten is smarter than you.

  21. Ann TwoShoes says

    Just noticed how long US briefings last as opposed to UK briefings! UK briefings generally take approximately 40 -50 minutes, including hearing from the experts, questions from the press and the public. The PM or minister in charge ALWAYS refers to the experts if necessary, which is often! Just saying.

  22. John Stefanyszyn says

    Does his robotic reading of sympathy for the sick and the families that lost loved ones….seem sincere?He is saying it because he was told to do so because he looked like a lying fool with his bs response when asked by a reporter if he had spoken to any of the families who have had loved ones die of the virus.

  23. Kris Kris says

    USA is campaigningAnti WHOAnti CHINAAnti Science and Facts

  24. Kris Kris says

    USA is causing panic and spreading fears.

  25. Willa Donald says

    I am Tanzanian and I am speaking Swahili I have got secret about the problem of covid 19 I know the reason of deaths which occur due to that problem am not joking am very serious about it,Phone no:0764782869

  26. bryan c says

    Hair went from orange to white

  27. A Nonymous says

    Cephei Sefa Hide 4:16 is a special place in Trump's mind where he escapes.

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