PREVIEW: Chelsea v Liverpool | Premier League


What a rivalry this has become over the years. We look ahead to the biggest game of the season so far.
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  1. Taylor Wilkinson says

    I think chelsea will win this game. Especially with a chance of Thiago Silva coming in on Sunday after pictured training with the boys. Hopefully he's in the team. COYB 💙💙

  2. Umair Khalid says

    I'm so gassed up for this one

  3. b12tly says

    Yo htf does Richard drip so hard, where can I cop that jacket?

  4. One of Five says

    Lampard's arrogancy will be flattened.

  5. One Tapped says

    I'm a Liverpool supporter and if Chelsea had a decent keeper I'd say 2-0 to Chelsea but with Kepa I'm gonna go 2-2 with a late equaliser from Liverpool after Kepa misses an easy catch

  6. HKM 1000 says

    Mr. Chelsea reject will score


    Kepa is useless. Bad attitude. Worst GK for Chelsea since EPL began! I exect him to land 2 assists….. for Liverpool!

  8. Eduardo Bernedo says

    C'mon Optus sport, Firmino's name isn't pronounced the same as the ending of Ronaldinho's. There is no "H" <3

  9. nas kabir says

    Isn't this channel pretty biased towards man city from what I've gathered?

  10. alex hatz says

    Come on Chelsea!!!! 🔵🔵🤩

  11. Arnav Kaul says

    This match will be close but I think Chelsea will win

  12. DarknessWF says

    I think 4-1 to Chelsea

  13. chamika amarasekara says

    This is going to be a good game

  14. Evie Boniwell Lombardero says

    liverpool 2-1 salah and fabinho score

  15. Andrew Tan says

    Is Ziyech going to play for the line up?

  16. Cody Imbree says

    No shut up

  17. Garry Lamb says

    This is another 3 points for Liverpool. No doubt whatsoever.

  18. Byakuya Osas says

    Bayern is the best club in the world

  19. Peter Baxter says

    Robertson and either Gomez/Matip will need to step it up for this match to keep Werner in check YNWA

  20. Winston Smith says

    With Kepa in goal….. Chelsea will need to put at least 5 on the board to have a chance

  21. No dramas says

    Expecting Kepa to score for Liverpool

  22. Vervito United says

    OK this one is quite difficult. I'm going for a CHE 1-2 LIVAnd btw, Why're sex bots on YouTube all of a sudden ?

  23. Goose says

    This match will be close, but I reckon Liverpool will just win.

  24. Aramo Dirmesropian says

    Chelsea has a strong squad this season and I think they will beat Liverpool and win Premier League they have Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, and Hakim Zyech. They will beat Liverpool and win Premier League I mean they ended 4th last season while Liverpool ended 1st but and they haven’t won it since 2017 but it doesn’t matter, they have a big squad this season, and history means nothing when predicting this year's winners.

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