Prince William Chats to David Beckham and Football Stars About Mental Health Struggles


As part of his long-standing Heads Up campaign, Prince William chatted with former England captain David Beckham, England and Manchester City Women’s captain Steph Houghton, Aston Villa and England’s Tyrone Mings, Crystal Palace’s Andros Townsend and Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti, on a group video call.

The conversation follows the announcement that the entire UK football family has signed a joint declaration, committing to make mental health a key priority across the English game.

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  1. David Watson says

    UGH! Dear God, please give David Beckham – and in fact the whole Beckham family – a fatal dose of COVID19. And if Prince William doesn't change his tune quick, include him too! I have NEVER heard of two more PRIVILEGED men, with such enviable lives, go on and on about "men's mental health". C-O-B-B-L-E-R-S! They don't know the meaning of adversity! YUK!

  2. Leonore Halanga says

    God bless both men. They are an example of life for all of us! ??

  3. Elaine Swan says

    Brilliant campaign. Has tangible initiatives that can show tangible results.


    ???? Love and Care ???, Prince William, & David Beckham ??? From: Boy London 2020 ,??????

  5. Eric Van Buggenhaut says

    That was a short one

  6. Avia La says


  7. andrea aita says


  8. A C says

    Prince William is a treasure- his mum would be proud of him.

  9. Juana Cardina says


  10. norah smith says


  11. Peggy Black says

    William is awesome.

  12. Peggy Black says

    Yes it helps to confide with someone.

  13. catherine hall says

    Great work William

  14. To Be Honest says

    Everyone here loves Andrew

  15. DrummerlovesBookworm says

    What a gracious man, Prince William. I hope he and Kate have a Plan B for their success and happiness just in case the Monarchy falls. Which I expect to happen when the Queen’s reign expires, one way or another. The Queen Mother lived to be 101. Queen Elizabeth is 94. You do the math.

  16. Lyndsey MacPherson says

    Prince William is the world's best force for good on the mental health front. Much <3 to HRH, always.

  17. Mary Beth Quraishi says

    Prince William's children and David Beckham's children can be very proud of their dads!

  18. Dave ben says

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  20. Abdul Gani says


  21. Abdul Gani says


  22. Abdul Gani says


  23. Hilda Hopwood says

    Well done. Taking away the stigma. ??

  24. wolf blitzer says

    David Beckham is a complete fake all he wants is to be knighted, his money has bought him everything anyone could want. But he can't buy a knighthood, in those recordings he was well and truly caught out by saying what else do I have to do to get a knighthood. All the charity work is just for his own ambition hope he never gets one.

  25. Rosen Zanby says


  26. Eddy Del Cid says

    Subtitulo en español por favooooor

  27. Kelly Brennan says

    Good job Prince William ?

  28. Messiah Christ Мashiach says

    Молитва Prayer Gebet Prière 07/27 Oración Preghiera Oração Oratio

  29. Eva Golldwing says


  30. Perky Perkins says

    Prince William keep on keeping on ✊✊✊?????

  31. noel karol says

    Prince William ???Beckham ??

  32. Peter Falconer says

    Get me a bucket, I need to throw up!!

  33. mel grant says

    Beckham looks plastic As bad as his wife

  34. Nicola Barber says

    Prince William and Catherine will make an excellent leaders for the next generation!

  35. Sophia Adams says

    How can anybody take Prince William serious about Mental Health the way he treated Prince Harry and Meghan when in their interview they did in Africa they were clearly saying their mental health wasn't okay and he did nothing to help them. And now we find out he was a snob towards Meaghan now all of a sudden he wants us to believe he is this caring person to strangers Mental Health

  36. Pure Progression says

    Thanks to Big Willy, Carlo Ancelotti, Becks and everyone else involved for focusing on one of the most important areas both on an individual and collective level! ??

  37. Linda Rose says

    Prince William is the BEST!❤️❤️❤️

  38. Arka Jatmika says

    William, David???????????????

  39. Sharlene Ossevorth says

    Very dependable and caring individual, he really is genuinely compassionate and caring toward others. This initiative is so important.

  40. Justina Mosmann says

    Muito queridos!?♥️⚽️

  41. 林克巳 says


  42. Joke Johnson says


  43. Geraldine Office says

    William is doing a lot for mental health and charities he has really come into his own since megsit he seems so comfortable and happier

  44. Casa yazmin says

    God bless you Prince William??

  45. Trevor G Welch says

    Communication is key to a healthy mind . " The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced . "

  46. realmakebelieve says

    God bless.

  47. Patrick3183 says

    You would solve your mental health issues by going to church. Promote Christianity!!

  48. Marjan P says

    I hope that prince William woud be king in my lifetime…

  49. Syed Maaz says

    Long live the Heir of the Throne !

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