1. Fabio says

    quite controversial comments: what a great movie! VS what a waste of time! :/

  2. Jose Melendez says

    If I want to read I'll go to the library

  3. Moses Mose says

    the hot one

  4. Bankit L.Dkhar says

    The most unlike movie to come…

  5. Bankit L.Dkhar says

    ??? Also English translation ???

  6. Mauie Languido says

    Im not satisfied with the movie

  7. Fadil Ahmad says


  8. Fadil Ahmad says

    Menit 43.26 ngakak njier

  9. Syaifa Amanda Putri Lubis says

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  10. Rudiansyah Rudi says

    film movie


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  12. Kothahbyu Mansa Yah says

    Great movie but fuzzy at times ..

  13. hussein whilechair00 says

    It's so very good movie but I need more like this!

  14. Faddhiya Humaira says

    2020.Best movie…this is the real police…!! Police fighter…!!

  15. malena Zambrano Sa says

    Muy buena película pero me gustaría verla en español


    Robust – new action filmhttps://youtu.be/sXhGNvfUFiQ

  17. TH Pilipino says

    Not good so laocy

  18. TH Pilipino says

    Stupid movie

  19. goblin knife says

    Real fake movie.prisoners not so weak. Polis can 1 vs 5 prisoners?

  20. Sha Vayra says

    guys it is a good movie. I really like the fight. you can watch it worth to watch again

  21. JL Ngeth says

    Wow!! This is Khmer’s movie. Nice!!

  22. Mister Lim says

    Thank goodnes i didn't watch it from the very start.. I just watch the ending hehehe.

  23. Ebrihima saidy says

    Nice movie

  24. Zechariah Kparsuah says

    Not clear

  25. sayem the musician sam says

    Police, but without gun?

  26. Jael Flow says

    Love it great fighting scene's.

  27. Hebinlo Tsela says

    The who movie is not good it's just flop I did it n enjoy onli the action

  28. victor majuqulana says

    Kak movie it is week even on the visuals? what a waste of time

  29. Rai Joel says

    If world police officers were this good in martial arts, physically fit and active no different types of police organisations would be needed, most of the police officers in the world but except China and Hong Kong , police officers are rich in huge belly fat like pigs?, lazy , physically unfit, sleepy, corrupted, slow and unfit…. because of their unfit in everything government has to forms different types of police organisations ….like uniform officers. …Detectives. …State police and highway patrol officers. ……Transit and railroad officers. …Sheriffs. …Special jurisdiction police. …bla bla bla and they believe different police organisations,( different forms/ beureocratisation ) maximizes efficiency …but I don’t believe in all these….and I think all these creates only chaos and confusion, curruption ….only in China and Hong Kong we can see police officers are really really fit looks like 4% fat in their body.

  30. melvin Bucio says

    Watching april 23 2020..coz of lockdown?? enjoy

  31. Jayces Duan says

    Pwede na

  32. Nellie Fernandez says



    Wait, is this Cambodia movie? It look really good

  34. Samuel Piano says

    Walang Tagalog

  35. bernard pah-e says

    Nice martial arts but no point of story…

  36. Maximo Cruz says

    not clear enough….

  37. YUSUF DUX says

    movie name ???? what ıs thıs name ??

  38. MOHD ZAMRI says

    Jail russia

  39. Rere Cabs says

    ?are u happy to get to paris!?

  40. Azhaar Mohamed says

    Good movie

  41. Gayatri Choudhary says

    Fight is just awesome.

  42. Jim Bennett says

    Waste of time. Violence for the sake of violence – watched a few different segments maybe 15 minutes in total.

  43. Vanessa Alcanatara says


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