Pro Evolution Soccer History


The History of Pro Evolution Soccer English Captions

Soundtrack List:
1 Yazoo — Don’t Go 1:20
2 Metallica – Master of Puppets 2:23
3 OMD — Electricity 2:58
4 Metallica — Blitzkrieg 4:08
5 Metallica — Last Caress / Green Hell 4:46
6 Pet Shop Boys — Always on my Mind 6:22
7 Glee – Jump 7:51

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  1. Andrea Vivaldi says

    PES 4 ❤

  2. Corey Taylor says

    Pes 2006And pes 2013 was the best.

  3. ImmortalOnly says

  4. Moises Costa says


  5. Welcome to the Machine says

    Pes 6 and Pes 2010. The greatest

  6. Jake Fotograffix says

    I must admit it this is the best PES history video on Youtube. The background musics are synchronize with the clips. Very nice. 😀

  7. Slice Of Life says

    Pro 5 Was the best still play it

  8. Damas Parma says

    and from that video, we knew that the developer from electronic arts isn't the king of soccer game

  9. Vasileios says

    You forgot ISS Pro on Ps1,a very important and high selling game in Europe as the first proper 3d football game in consoles,completely different than the N64 version

  10. Corentin Picard says

    PES 5, The best ! ?

  11. B AJ says

    Old school PES (2-6) has wayyy better gameplay than new versions – much more natural and fun

  12. Yamcha Sama says

    3:33 what's the song name?

  13. Yamcha Sama says

    Alejjo the best

  14. Andrea Vivaldi says

    Very emotional video ???❤❤❤❤???❤?

  15. Andrea Vivaldi says

    PES 4 and PES 2009 are the best

  16. Noob 69 says

    Pes 13 and 6 are the best

  17. PickNick says

    PS2:Most realistic simulator : Pro Evolution Soccer 3Best Overall : Pro Evolution Soccer 5Most Fun to Play : Pro Evolution Soccer 6PS3:Best : Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 & 2013PS4 : None! They are all arcade and mustn't be called Pro Evolution Soccer

  18. winterkhan says

    ISS 3 BEST

  19. Jake Fotograffix says

    The best video ever!

  20. Arise 2Write says

    Pes 6 is the best Pes that ever made

  21. Mr Loner says

    PES2013 is the best for me. I can play tiki taka so well with Barcelona.

  22. AGE 21 says

    pes 2013 is the king <3 nice video bro

  23. Brajan Piotrowski says

    Im playning PES 2015

  24. AlenBro says


  25. christina cumba says

    No inclusion of the amazing Wii games… I see : (

  26. Cilatorc says

    What's the song at 1:20? By the way my favourite is ISS Pro Evolution and I still play it

  27. Francisco Santos says

    nice musics!!!

  28. sebastian socualaya oseda says

    no se lo que dicen

  29. Sehenswürdigkeiten in Europa says

    I only played PES 2010 , 2014, 2015 and 2016 , but 2010 had something magic in it

  30. Holy Blyat says

    what the fuck is this allways messi's face on pes starting? this is not real

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