1. Legendarysnake says

    mas e aí, não tem cartão vermelho no jogo não?

  2. Seba says

    Whos from MattHDgamer here ? :v

  3. Jerson Recines says

    oe amigo como pueo descargar el juego alguien me ayuda por fa

  4. schnauzification says

    @Devar Lee You can unlock the dolphin and the swat team. after you'll meet the samurais and apes. I only have unlocked these four.

  5. al112v5 says

    Red Card > FIFA & Pro.

  6. ToxicFlow-Gaming says

    man i use to play this game 14/7 🙂

  7. Bryn Hollingsworth says

    i still play red card on my ps2

  8. Kakarot says

    Haha this game looks epic, hope they remake it for the PS4 and so on, looks amazing, i love tackling players on football games, this is perfect!

  9. DucksEatBread says

    This game clearly had no idea what it wanted to be, well it did, but didn't go far enough. The music, the commentary, the fact you can get booked tells me it was a normal football game that had a shitty gimmick added to it last second. OH BUT THEY FLY WHEN THEY TACKLE, bullshit

  10. sw334t56 says

    do you know how to press style kick like at time 6:55

  11. Chuck Maurice says

    this game looks so cool

  12. uie109 says

    This is actually quite good quality.. for a ps2 game ofc :p

  13. sebastian rojas ordoñez says

    juego esto con mi primo y no me sirve

  14. Sargis MSY says

    the greatest football game i ever saw so fun unlinke fifa etc they bore the fuck outta me after the first 5 mins of the game

  15. JambaB says

    Saw this in shop never was going to buy it but it looks like SHITTY SHIT FRIGGIN DISGRACE TO GAMING

  16. Jacob Mangham says

    I love this game

  17. Joe M says

    Awkward pause of all sound after he missed that ball… 6:53

  18. Freezeero says

    He was playing against Polish National Team 🙂 So funny:) becouse i'm Polish too:) great game. Cheers

  19. Bosslife says

    You can play as a dolphin at a certain level lol

  20. klibernana says

    like if you were sent here from twitch

  21. Pondok Game says

    i will buy this game,,,, please in indonesia not have the game . . . give me the game

  22. Gianflavio says

    people swear it would outsell fifa and pes. LOL. it was a sick game tho

  23. Dev says

    wat about the dolphins and the swat teams?

  24. Stoneman says


  25. higgzy 24 says

    This surely needs to be on xbox live arcade !

  26. adrian oro says

    como puedo descargarlo el juego me podrias pasar el linck

  27. superninja252 says

    nem parese o traliler

  28. TheSilverMane says

    Funniest soccergame ever… my friend and I are still trying to beat it 😛

  29. Murat Aruta says

    u dont know how to lay this game m8 this game isnt meant to score and win its all about getting the best funniest tackles:D

  30. Pedro Peregrina says

    Where i can do download from this game?

  31. TheThingKing says

    I love this game! I used to play it all the time on my Xbox until it broke down. I sold it and bought a PS2 and decidied to buy the game agien only for PS2 this time. Great fun 🙂

    Does anyone have a souce to "Red Card: Unleaashed" or whatever the new Red Card game is? I would love to see a updated version of this game on 360. please provide a link or something if you can!!

  32. StrettyHS 313 says

    The best game of my childhood 🙂

  33. thecarterfactor says

    anyone know what the controls are for the PK Shootout after the extra time?

  34. OneTouchGaming says

    this game kicks ass i love how you can set the refs stricktness

  35. CARLOS 1990 says

    menudooo vicio de juegooo!!!

  36. Elliot Iles says

    Theres a new one coming out??? :S

  37. alyssa demartini says

    what game is that?

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