[PS2 ToD] Tales of Destiny -Chelsea No Damage CHAOS Barbatos


Character : Chelsea
Rank : CHAOS

○:Extend Chain(チェインキャパ拡張)
○:Infinity Movement(移動制限解除)
○:Float Gravity(のけぞり重力低 下)
×:Single play mode(一人パーティプレ イ)

The attack of physical has the sound element.
No Equipment with “なりきり”
I don’t choose “Single play mode”.

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  1. KingOfMana says

    How can i get this game? It looks awesome!

  2. Flegan777 says

    Yeah, that's already been clarified

  3. roxas1234 says

    well what i mean is setting all characters to auto and battling there.

  4. roxas1234 says

    it sounds weird but leveling uo without touching the controller. then barbatos comes to punish you lol

  5. KawarimiFreak says

    auto leveling?

  6. roxas1234 says

    Barbatos was also put in TODR as a random encounter to stop players from auto-leveling

  7. KawarimiFreak says

    they included barbatos in the remake of ToD, and he is also in Tod2

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