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PlayStation will not be holding its annual event in 2018.

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  1. Caleb2K _ says

    Change Id please

  2. Rman Nayr says

    Don't worry Playstation still has many great games this year!

  3. The Last Of Us says

    And WHT about last of us 2 where can I get the Realese date

  4. Dan says

    Why would someone believe that this happened because they’re gonna announce ps5? The ps4 certainly isn’t dead as many games are coming up on the horizon. It’s a bad idea to be waiting for an announcement like that. Look forward to the stuff that has been confirmed.

  5. Coconut Head says

    I like their honesty

  6. SuperShrooms says

    Sony's worshipers making this into a positive thing lol. If MS did this there'd be plenty to say.

  7. One Zein says

    REMEMBER: Greatness Awaits!!!

  8. yahogd says

    The next PSX will probably be an announcements of the sequels to Horizon,GOW and Spideman. And its gonna be in 2026

  9. edgarector says

    They simply don't need to,they are the definitive console this gen and everyone knows it.

  10. TheVidzWatcher says

    PSX 2018 has no games!

  11. Sam K-R says

    That thumbnail is scary af

  12. Parzival says

    I’d rather have no show than a show full of false hype or a disappointing one because of the lack of content there is to show currently. I stand behind PlayStation and Sony’s decision. It makes sense if you think about it.

  13. Mark Lumsley says

    Not even mad. I'm relieved and humbled by their honesty actually.

  14. TheAndredal says

    Makes sense, i was thinking that they wouldn't have that much to show

  15. MercMan says


  16. Frank DK says

    I respect that. Better have something better to show later on, then just a little of the same.

  17. Luis Roman says

    I hope all this games announced are out before the ps5

  18. Phabrysio Kraft says

    So it’s canceled because they don’t have anything to showcase, much like during E3 eh Sony. smh

  19. Alicultivated says

    Damnit I was looking forward to another entertaining Last of us 2 panel. Any chance of it happening at another event? I really don't wanna wait another year for E3 2019.

  20. alwaysalone soki says

    Oh snap! I really wanted see new trailer for that lgbt propaganda game Lesbs of Us…now I’m sad

  21. WARDWEEZY says

    Playstation is the king of consoles. Xbox doesnt stand a chance against the mass of great exclusives

  22. Stefan Loncar says

    It’s still to early for PlayStation 5.

  23. oscar nicolas says

    Unleast they kept it real!! Take your time Sony you never disappoint

  24. 5 20 says



    Probably scared to be asked about the psn name change when saying last year they wouldnt want to be asked that this year.

  26. Drew Dahlen says

    NOTE!!! this is how you handle biz folks!if you hold cons and you feel as if itll flop or will not be entertaining or worth the money to customers YOU CANCEL!!!im looking at you TANA+Fousey…small time reject sociopaths.thank you PlayStation and ill be enjoying all the games still to come out this year!which is like 8 that im buying.smh.LOL! I can wait till nxt year..

  27. G-Spot Gabe says


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