Pulisic is more direct than Eden Hazard | Crystal Palace v Chelsea | Frank Lampard press conference


Frank Lampard compares Christian Pulisic with Eden Hazard, whom he has replaced in the Chelsea team after the Belgian left for Real Madrid last year. Ahead of Chelsea’s visit to Crystal Palace in the Premier League, Lampard reveals Ngolo Kante is out injured, and may be replaced by Jorginho
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  1. HaytersTV says

    Can Christian Pulisic reach the same heights that Eden Hazard did at Chelsea? Or achieve even more?

  2. Ali T says

    hazard is too much, dont compare

  3. Hang Time says

    From Dortmund- Dembele, Pulisic, Sancho, etcAll fast direct dribbler. They will need the right team to fit their style. Dembele at Barcelona… not working. Most teams sit back against Barcelona

  4. N R says

    ****Save you time.. They talk a Pulisic at 10:00mins

  5. Iss B says

    Eden Hazard is much better at everything. I watch every game of Hazard and he is simply the best player in the world. Pusilic is good but he can never get close to Hazard's level

  6. Dominic Chucks says

    If he continue playing like this he will be higher than hazard

  7. Vishaal Venugopal says

    110 goals 92 assists in 7 Seasons and pl poty….hazard was a serial winner too…..I expect pulisic to Better his goal tally but the disrespect needs to stop…..some of u aren’t Chelsea fans and don’t get an opinion….what hazard did doesn’t show up in the stats

  8. TheInfamousTroll says


  9. DosuOnTheBeat says

    True I’m a huge eden fan but pulisic likes to use spaces and shoots a lot more, eden is more of a playmaker then a killer, two different players two different styles. But il love to see pulisic playing good

  10. AstroNutter .com says


  11. Erik Carmel says

    I'll never blame any player again , he's the only person to blame , cause he's the manager and does the line up , so………we nearly drew . Zaha great player , but Chelsea prefers Odoi…..Chelsea or Lampard , I don't know about that , but Zaha wanted to show Chelsea how good he is , once more , as if we didn't know !

  12. SPEAK THE TRUTH says

    I'm a big chelsea fan, but having the 3 logo on your TShirt just looks poor…Looks like we are begging for money from a shit and low class company….3 are a crap network..Feels like taking 3 steps backwards…

  13. Alexa Jordan says

    Jorginho must start in my team he is a sure pick on Italy national team ,Frank doing shit

  14. Velida Grgic says

    Kristansen ??

  15. The Motive says

    Lampart รู้สึกจะดักดานแล้วนะ รู้สึกจะอีโก้สูงไปละ จอร์จินโญ ควนได้ลง แต่ไปเอากิลมอร์

  16. dante war says

    As a Chelsea fan I can’t compare them both no way harzard was at Chelsea for 8yrs an developed quick pulisic is still going to get better But harzard is much more direct than pulisic fact

  17. xX90sWereTheDaysxX says

    Cut it short: Lampard doesn't like jorginho and wants him out.

  18. RICHARD OWUSU says

    We as people not Chelsea fans we must stop comparing players because it has a major impact on their game performance listen Eden Hazard (Was Garden of Eden) and Christian Pulisic( Is the Captain America) simple as that.

  19. Ali dubabaxaka zoom. says

    Hazard meets lots of traffic he evedes them but pulisic goes straight in btwn and takes risk of head on collision that's why hazard stay long without injuries at Chelsea

  20. Freddy Mnemonic says

    Why are people surprised Pulisic is “this good”? He scored 19 goals for Dortmund and had many assists and the Bundesliga is a tough ass league……

  21. zabawaj handsome says

    man. theres a long long long long way to go before he can be compared to hazard

  22. hari ramesh says

    Main difference is Pulisic wants to score goal.. he is up there with striker for crosses to the box

  23. sarath itsme says

    I don't like to compare pulisic to hazard…both playing their games…they are good.hazard is Chelsea legend..I hope pulisic can be too in future

  24. Henry Dre says

    Pulisic is now where near to Eden hazard

  25. louroc425 says

    From jersey ..: USA..: I love Pulisic… we’re excited about him. Hazard’s technique was better than Pulisic’s at this stage in their careers. Pulisic is more direct than hazard sure, but hazard never struck me as a no. 10 proper. Seems like the more modern winger/forward. But even In a central role he can provide more to the midfield than Pulisic because of his cleaner technique. I think it’s a fair comparison because of position, I think we’d be lucky from national team point of view if he winds up being 80% of hazard.

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