Pulisic's Magical Feet ? Superb Triple-Save from Kepa ? + Wonder Goal by Pedro! ? | Chelsea Unseen


More magical feet from Christian Pulisic – take a look at this superb volley from the American in training. Kepa impresses with an epic triple-save and Pedro lashes home a stunner from Hakim Ziyech’s perfect pass…

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  1. Chris M says

    Hopefully this is just a matter of training so far, but Hakim is letting that ball settle too much before striking it. Can't expect that much time on the ball without the space being closed down.

  2. Pixel Goat says

    All these people criticising kepaI'm a goalie I know how hard it isIt's not as easy as it looks

  3. Ashutosh Sharma says

    Who's the young ginger in green?

  4. Fuxk The PoPo says


  5. mikea hiooi says

    To bad kepa can’t show that on the field ☹️

  6. Agboola Olamilekan says

    Ziyech is gon' kill kepa?

  7. Nickel 7 says

    Super save? all i see is kepa standing there like a piece of wood while the goals kept coming

  8. danh vô bụi đời says

    woa ???

  9. danh vô bụi đời says

    woa ???

  10. danh vô bụi đời says

    woa ???

  11. danh vô bụi đời says

    woa ???

  12. Sơn Trần says

    Love the women team???

  13. Dee Costa says

    Kepa performs more during training in gamesThat Ziyechs' left foot has a mad eye for goal

  14. rattman is insane says

    Is kepa ok he made a great triple save in training but can't save a single shooting the games

  15. olu waseyi says

    Kepa rarely dive to save ?

  16. Slurp says

    Relatively knew fan of the EPL so sorry if this is a dumb question. Will Ziyech be on the roster for UCL or are there rules against that since he's just joining the team?

  17. Khalid Sh says

    Who’s that black goalkeeper , please don’t tell me its Oana

  18. Emmanuel Hyacinth says

    Who is the neutral man in lemon ?

  19. Bobbie Gatimu says

    Ziyech ? ? ? ?

  20. A Moose That Rants says

    It reeks of desperation

  21. Yxng Play says

    Loved it -_-

  22. 末末吾名-電玩兄弟 says


  23. Memes By Wasay says

    Just take a look at how Ziyech is scoring and that assist to Pedro damn cant wait for next season

  24. sokin jon says

    3:38 …needed a player that likes taking longshots

  25. มาร์คกี้ นะนะ says


  26. Robert L. says

    "magic feet" @2:18

  27. Cobrook Studios says

    Who else stopped watching at 5:26 ? ???

  28. Kenyon McAferty says

    Woulda had to be a quadruple save to stop the goal. Typical Chelsea defending right thar.

  29. M. Athallah Nur Hidayat says

    Bro, Hakim is taller than our midfielders.. except Ruben

  30. Caprisun says

    Wow Kepa saved a ball, why not in the matches?

  31. TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer says

    If only Chelsea could afford a tripod for the camera…. (and if it is filmed with one, take some lessons please!)

  32. Enmanuel Ikegwuonu says

    Is that gilmour on green?

  33. Peter Adi Saputro says

    Wish a better next season for all of the players and club

  34. CFC 1905 says

    training ??????

  35. Samuel Mugisha says

    I miss u Pedro ??? u the best

  36. GenGrace Kitiponkasem says


  37. 슬겅슬겅 says

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to Champions league!!!! Lampard will be legend as a manager! Chelsea till I die!!

  38. branchyapple says

    4:37 so here is a Kepa 4:48 and here is a KepaWtf are there 2 Kepa's

  39. Achraf Casaoui says

    The face of Lampard says alot about Ziyech 4:40

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