Punishment Trivia Murder Party! (Jackbox Games)


It’s time for a Trivia Murder Party, Jackbox-style— with punishments, of course!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.

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  1. Smosh Games says

    Let’s give a warm welcome to our special celebrity guest, Anna Faris!

  2. T Duiker says

    I love Courtney Ruth Miller 😀

  3. Crew The Shoe says

    one time I got a room code that was: cocx

  4. Chris Oregon says

    Shaynes on another fucking planet

  5. Veronicz says

    Task: Compliment Damien.Shayne, Damien's Best Friend: I'm touched and proud of you for murdering someone for me and enjoying it.

  6. Cat T says

    I love it when they play Jackbox games. They are just hilarious on another level!

  7. Game LAB says

    Tommy: I got spaghetti, you got pneumonia

  8. kersten horgan says

    First time my group of friends played this game, one of us used talk to text for the dictation challenge…for anyone else who wants to cheat for no reason.

  9. Zach Hyde says

    Was that a JoJo reference???I love these editors.

  10. Kay Jezza says

    Vegemite is NOT the leftovers from beer

  11. Asian Ninja says

    Do yall want maricraft back? Like if you do

  12. Funky Road Flappy Bird says

    Jackbox Party Pack 6

  13. Funky Road Flappy Bird says


  14. Samantha Ann says

    Did anyone else think the long-distance hickey vacuum looked like that machine from Monsters Inc.??

  15. SadEmoEmu • says

    Shane taking that social distance Hickey vacuum thing home

  16. Jes' Oko says

    It was the power of the Fef!

  17. Dragon Anime says

    Jojo made it in the vid …. my soul can ascend now

  18. Asahi Azumane says

    “Punishment trivia murder party”Sounds like some sort of down town bdsm club

  19. Ryan Voss says

    Milwaukee resident here, where is the body Damien

  20. Caramel Latte says

    Smosh diversity has somewhat disappeared. That's upsetting

  21. EthalaRide says

    Props to the sound mixer and editor for the isolation on Shayne's mic and slow zoom while he was 'complimenting' Damien

  22. Kathy H says

    I think that an awesome punishment for one of these types of videos would be having to be handcuffed to another player for the duration of the game. It's the stakes were higher the handcuffing could last longer.

  23. Jono Khuu says

    12:27 I'm Aussie and I hate Vegemite ??? EAT IT OR YEET ITTTTTTTTTTTTT

  24. projomardgamer YT says

    You guys should play Among us just a suggestion.

  25. Jotaro Kujo says


  26. MNTPWR says

    Shayne out here with the Whacky Races reference

  27. Evan Morton says

    Play gta V again because it was a fun series

  28. YouGotMarin says

    Anyone else want to raid Sarah's wardrobe for that ice cream shirt? That's so unique and fun! She has a really fun fashion sense, would be cool to go shopping with her!

  29. Skyler. jpg says

    Ian you look like Oliver tree

  30. Antonia Poor says

    Being Australia that donut looks VERY GOOD RIGHT, I would eat the whole thing, just me?

  31. ya boii says

    I feel i used that vacuum in high school to experiment things??

  32. Carolina Bros says

    Ian’s haircut looked like he was going for an anime style but ended up with the home alone 3 haircut

  33. Galaxy Ninja says

    JoJo reference

  34. Uncle Waffle says

    July 30th, 2020 – 3:34pm

  35. Graysen cw says

    Now that I've gotten so familiar with Sarah's voice, everytime I watch 2nd channel video from like 2015 – 2018 I can hear her laugh behind the camera

  36. Ace Diamonds says

    dont eat marmite, youll get a yeast infection.

  37. RealDumb Cosplay says

    We love JoJo

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