Putting Sam's Music Skills To The Test (BPM: Bullets Per Minute)


Lamon Gamon!!!!

Guitar Hero might be dead.. but you know is cooler?

Doom Guitar Hero.

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Edited by Austin Bolliger
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  1. Emma - wir uns kennenlernen says

    1:36 ungewöhnlich

  2. Titanglass88 says

    Sorry guys unsubing the new direction sucks it more of a twitch style channel now and seems extremely fake almost scripted

  3. Harry Bassey says

    So did anybody else notice how the assets are from Paragon, all the bosses are Paragon characters was just a little shocking to see them in something that's not a Paragon remake. What do you guys think>

  4. Driftysilver says

    I love that you guys chose to end your video on a loss. Humble as fuck man. Definitely going to get this game. That's like the third or forth game you guys have sold me on this year.

  5. Shannon Hodgkin says

    Steve Vai sound track rules

  6. Ryan Wigney says

    Ralph have you tried Gunfire Reborn by any chance? its on steam for $15 I believe and is definitely value for money if you enjoy something like this, imagine Binding of Isaac + Borderlands if you can get behind that, anyway much love <3

  7. Etriuswimbleton says

    I love how you really like this game but the other legit reviewers (not the IGN guys) actually find this game a bit divisive and actually consider this game to miss its potential but still recommend us playing it cause of the noveltyI kinda agree with them to be honest but im still yet to play the game to get my own opinion.

  8. Nandor Szabo says

    I was stressed watching it …. XDThis is the Souls game of Music … I'll let myself out ….

  9. Rúben Santos says

    😎 … 🤘

  10. The Pesymistik says

    Paragon assets?

  11. Drew and Charlie says

    Oh so you found out hot lava is a killer huh?-mario

  12. FlyfishermanMike says

    I applaud doing what makes you happy but I miss the old news format!

  13. SHK Potter says

    Still waiting for a Hunt Showdown duo que.

  14. Hamish Fleming says

    I can't wait to get this game tomorrow

  15. Brian Reimers says

    This poor aim is due to too high of an aim sensitivity.

  16. Muddy Water says

    Literally cannot wait to buy this in 8hrs

  17. DeathsPit00 says

    I need this on PS4. I'd buy it immediately.

  18. George Stark says

    kinda inevitable when you play a shooter with a controller. counter-intuitive, realy… Ôo

  19. Risto Paasivirta says

    My guess is that the color scheme was chosen so they can tie in different bought assets without their style differences clashing against each other.

  20. Zebu Lon says

    Nobody is interest in this shit. According to SB you already lost more than half of your normal view count by your stupid decision to change the channels content. 180 or dead at the end of 2020.

  21. Jonathan Prideaux says

    God that was intense

  22. Milan Oodiah says

    I guess Sam's a Rein/Winston player when he plays Overwatch

  23. Walter Mercado says

    I thought it was paragon for a second.

  24. TheIndulgers says

    Imposter. You two HAVE to play it.

  25. J0evil says

    Sam's quotes on this video are priceless.

  26. kevin rodriguez says

    Color saturation: the game

  27. xet happens says

    let Ralph have a game journalist review playlist on Laymen, like mocking those game "journalist" hahaha!

  28. Ryan Frappier says

    Color blind people mainly have issues with pairs red/green, or blue/yellow. It’s very rare to be completely color blind, but any colors one can’t see turn grey, if I remember correctly.

  29. Bill Willis says

    Thingie's Helmet OP

  30. Toby Robinson says

    Color blind kid here!! I just see a messy blur off shit colors hahaha Sweet stuff Sam proud of you

  31. frater barbarus says

    Aim terrible. Much wow

  32. SeanHeigi says

    Can we please see you guys play Risk of Rain 2? PC just had the full release 🙏👌

  33. Nathan Scott says

    Serath and greystone are in this game? Haha it still hurts that paragon is gone

  34. DaniSans says

    You guys should try Pistol Whip!! (PC VR) it's like rhythm and John Wick combined🤤

  35. Philibuster 22 says


  36. Robert Barnes says

    Two dudes in a hot tub chilling cause it's not gay!

  37. someotherguy86 says

    Can't even say how much I'm enjoying these videos now that you're focusing on just playing fun games, talking shit to each other, and generally having a fun time.

  38. Osto 19 says

    Mouse and keyboard or controller?

  39. WellKnownAlias says

    "THIS IS NOT EASY"- Sam, while he's literally playing on Easy

  40. Robert Jasionek says

    333 kills eh?

  41. Cesar Zepeda says

    Sometimes I think sam is a NPC

  42. Chris Knopp says

    I'm colorblind.. i can only see blue and yellow, so basically everything in this game is like gray and yellow lol

  43. Alepap says

    SkillUp: "This is my relax game"Also SkillUp: 6:58 "i'm so stressed right now"

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