Q&A! How Has COVID Effected My YT? What If Brawl Stars DIES? & More!


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Q&A! How Has COVID Effected My YT? What If Brawl Stars DIES? & More!

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  1. Coach Cory - Brawl Stars says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! Couldn't do it without all of you <3

  2. Gaming And Playing With Noe! says

    Who is your favorite brawler in each rarity.

  3. Mushbert says

    Hi Cory

  4. Вања Трикић says

    80k people is one FULL Football stadium!!!(BIG STADIUM)

  5. Evagelos Ioannidis says

    Tick in the corner : sad tick noises

  6. Caner Durmuş says

    Why randoms are bad in bb but not in sd? Because you can't win a brawl Ball match with just staying in a bush.

  7. Rajveer 2005 says

    Hi Cory, Big FAN…………..Watching you ever since you had 30,000 subs.

  8. FakeNoob 250 says

    you got a sponsor for your 200k special

  9. GAMING Gid says

    Hi cory love ur vids

  10. GamerK YT says

    Yes plz need archvillan bea! Also I will start posting memes on brawl stars reddit! Hope I make it on meme review

  11. Awesome aye says

    Essays suck

  12. Awesome aye says

    You should have an episode where you play brawl stars outside pls

  13. owen owen says

    Getting all brawlers is easier than winning a giveawayI would like a Google Play giftcard if I win (plz and good luck to everyone else for the giveaway)

  14. Paper Lab says

    We want skin power.Like star colt runs 10%faster than default colt Likeee

  15. Dr. Stop Motion says

    Hi! Nice Vid (:

  16. Lovely games Gamer says

    I thought that ur fear was that tick got a damage buff and a longer range????

  17. Rosalinda Moreno says

    An they said it would be the same chances to get them

  18. Rosalinda Moreno says

    Fact: legendarys are easier to get than chromatic brawlers

  19. Pato is here says

    Hi 🙂

  20. Tom JujūKiD says

    Reddit guys always dont have girlfriend how do you do it? ?? You are super man.

  21. Galaxy MortaL says

    Wish me luck for pass

  22. Majdi Aliragi says



    How are everyone???

  24. Nicole Woodbridge says

    Coach Cory thank you for for making videos they're really entertaining

  25. Simon Yakovlev says

    Me: maybe I will download the game.Cory: each download helps me out.Me: where is the link?

  26. fortcrust says

    Man is coach Cory good he has less than 80 dislikes

  27. NiroX [BS] says


  28. SavageAttack 4000 says

    "What would you use the infinity gauntlet for" Coach Cory "get rid of tick goodbye!" Sad tick noises

  29. Giannovich says

    No idea what to comment.

  30. fatima fatty says

    I wish every one good luck for the give away i also hope i win but all the same

  31. Dániel Major says

    Hi i want a google play giftcard pls 😀

  32. Gorgi plays says

    Omg i cant enter i am already subscribed and i liked the video nooooooo pls whyyyyyyyyy????

  33. James Catlin says

    Would love to see some TFT content once in a while, maybe a second channel?

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