1. Terivent says

    guys he didn't copy me, we just had some type of insane timing, its legit imposible to record/edit/upload in the span of 3 hours! He recorded his video Saturday.

  2. King Baseball says

    I play on controller and mobile

  3. Lady Gar Gar Life says

    juicy int..is that a thing???

  4. Kenneth Phillips Jr says

    How do you change your color on sleeve

  5. Intelerit says

    this is a juicy video 😀

  6. Young pup5880 says

    I play on XBOX you cant chat so I never get QB how do you get QB on controller

  7. Sterson Adam says

    How do u jump dive and shift lock on controller I try and press everything it doesn't work

  8. Brody Greene says

    Please tell me what button do you press to use the power meter

  9. race me on Wraparound obby says

    juicy can you pls friend me I'm ur best wr I'm almost global its_PandaaHD2 ( my username )

  10. Zaayan Hasan says

    I play on controller in ff and my qb rating is 92% ima god on a controller and thats not an ez thing to do i mastered the controller and no It's hard for to a play ff on normal computer with out a controller i know ima month late but still great vid u rock i watch all of ur vids

  11. Steve Lock says


  12. BobsterGames says

    Do a face reveal

  13. BRO bro says

    lets count how many times he says "lets go"

  14. nine tailed dog says

    You cant play football on xbox.becuse I try and it did not work.

  15. NoobFN1310 says

    I love your videos pls don’t stop making them ??

  16. Amari Alston says

    5:50 Juicy John "Pancakes" Me: Your not even blocking

  17. ELLA STOSHACK says

    How do u use shiftlock on Xbox?

  18. Bal H says


  19. CageheadRy says

    It doesn’t what you play on you can still dime

  20. Melissa Gonzalez says

    6:56 you were out juicy John love your vids

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