Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology


Where are the limits of human technology? And can we somehow avoid them? This is where quantum computers become very interesting.

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Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says

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  2. Cutwitha Knife says

    Um what

  3. Drakonus says

    "I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you."~Quantum computers

  4. Space Monkey says

    I really liked the music on this video

  5. WelshZeCorgi says

    And yet, if I get a bunch of 7 year olds for a playdate, they don't do my taxes, but half-destroy the house…

  6. GD Spam King says

    In like 30 years maybe quantum computers will be into PCs and laptops

  7. Blizz R. says

    I really really want to understand quantum physics. The more I learn from many sources, the same i'm confused.

  8. wippity wine says

    Did anyone watch the Egg video recently

  9. handcrafted30 says

    It’s hard to identify the point at which I lost any form of understanding. I think it was around the 20 second mark.

  10. just a random fat cop from gta 4 in real life says

    I can see and not see at the same time Supervision

  11. Makise Kurisu says

    In 2020 7 nm is mainstream.

  12. Anar Purevsuren says

    0*1=1 is wrong

  13. Sahil Dhankar says

    3:54 Did anyone notice that ?

  14. varun mishra says

    please speak slowly so that everyone could understand what u say.

  15. Metalcactus108 says

    someone figured all this shit out wtf

  16. stevemc 01 says

    Me: watching this video.Also me after I read the comments section: “Hey. I think I’ve just seen this one…”

  17. IXE 28372 says

    You need a Physics Degree to understand this video

  18. Meghanshu Verma says

    3:44 is governed by the duality of particles untill they are observed. Youngs double slit experiment can help you.

  19. Meghanshu Verma says

    2:05 electrons do not move at that rate it's random motion with bit of displacement towards positive terminal.

  20. chuba says

    3:26 black ops 2

  21. mychung says

    We are entering 2nm era soon. This video talking about 14nm is outdated :p

  22. Melih Çelik says

    Allright we understand nothing for real, or maybe not? The thing I know with quantum computers is that since bits can be 0 and 1 at the same time, its outouts usually consists of other possible calculations aswell. That is why encryption is a basic thing for quantum computers. However, we are where we started with quantum computers. Quantum computer memories usually are about few bits. Not more than 8, thus they can't really compute the encryption keys needed. RSA-160 uses 160 for the prime number. Breaking that encryption is not an hard task for your computer even today, but quantum computers can't do it since they usually have less than 8 bits of total memory. However, as I may say again that quantum computers wont need gigabits of data like our computers do. A quantum computer with 4096 bits can calculate a lot of things. They are weird and I don't really know abot them so I will end my comment right here.

  23. BladeSharpener says

    China made COVID-19 with quantum computing…. Mark my words

  24. Betterbrick Productions says

    so… complicating… what.. on.. earth…?

  25. Basically Needs Help says


  26. Negoj Libereco says

    Maybe Kayne West's brain is using quantum technology.

  27. just another account says

    can't wait to run chrome on one

  28. Hwy241 says


  29. Mimi F says

    Entanglement huh?Bet that Will Smith doesn't like quantum computing

  30. Aneel Khan says


  31. Manaswi Rachalawar says


  32. xxbigbruhxx says


  33. The one The best says

    How familiar with the gear wars exactly

  34. AFluffyKitten13762 says

    But can you play minecraft on a quantum computer..?

  35. Abdelhamid Frimane says

    Brain.exe has stopped responding.

  36. Austin Chadwick says

    4:10 “Entanglement”

  37. Bounty The quicker picker upper says

    The brain cells I lost trying to learn in impossible

  38. Jotaro Kujo says


  39. -ONE_ WAY- says

    5 years ago PARTY

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