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Queenstown – In New Zealand’s South Island, discover the gateway to stunning fiords, glaciers, ski fields, vineyards and adventure. Click play to see the best of the city.

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The lake-side city of #Queenstown provides the pulse that keeps this remote corner of the world energetic and youthful. Kiwis have the spirit of adventure running through their veins – become a part of it with a #vacation here.

Experience the beauty of Lake Wakatipu aboard the TSS Earnslaw. Soak up the Aotearoa sunshine on a sandy beach or in Queenstown Gardens. Queenstown expands and contracts with the rhythm of the seasons. After the hectic summer, the town transforms into a world-class ski destination. When the snow melts, Queenstown transforms again to accommodate visitors who flock to the Arrow Basin to explore its charming historic towns.

The Kiwis know when it’s time to slow down, unwind and enjoy the finer things in life. Queenstown and the nearby Gibbston Valley are home to over 75 wineries, where vintners produce pinot noirs acclaimed for their purity, freshness and vitality, a perfect reflection of the region itself!

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  1. Ace Gan says

    NZ is one of the most beautiful countries on earth… the best part is that the people take the efforts in maintaining its beauty.

  2. Lawrence Fair Fair says


  3. Robert Waters says

    O yes Queenstown is a great tourists trap the local council is out to rip you off ,they love shitty freedom campers and hate busses .now there is no tourists because of the virus they are moaning like hell but if they look after local bus drivers and provided bus parking at hotel's instead of banning them now we mite take people to there money grabbing town , so tuff stuff Queenstown shame on the council ….

  4. Rupert Burger says

    What an amazing place, i would love to stay there!Beautiful Country, beautiful place.

  5. Mohammadreza Ashouri says

    I saw amazing places in NZ, for example, this one https://youtu.be/AfgD_DfWfio

  6. Giancarlo Tubal says

    I will live here

  7. Minakshi Sharma says


  8. Isiwara Kaveesha says

    This is the location where the famous TV series "The legend of William Tell" was shot! #NZonset #Cloud9

  9. jayram dahal says

    hi traveller greeting from Nepal

  10. All in 0ne: Special says

    When I will be earning inshallah I will visit new Zealand.(14 years old)

  11. Music is evergreen says

    New Zealand so beautiful and gentle country

  12. Didy Didy says

    i'm here after watched VICE video about the capitalism ?

  13. cwk says

    I miss Queenstown.

  14. Blue Fantacy says

    2020 is the quietest year for Queenstown. But it is more beautiful.

  15. weefyman says

    My friends are stuck there now, seems to be lots to do, if its open that is, looks beautiful.

  16. Ankit m says

    Beautiful place love and respect from india

  17. Luis Yañez says

    Que lindo el lugar Queenstown – Nueva Zelanda y si me gustaría viajar por allá para vivir y trabajar

  18. Zakaria Rochdi says

    I just came back from Queenstown today. it’s just the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life. It’s surrounded by some magical spots too

  19. tarny11 says

    Looks similar to canada.. Looks good

  20. Renee S says

    Queenstown isn't that good with road blocks :/

  21. Cooper Liao says

    Wow breathtaking! I’m going to visit in June. Can’t wait!

  22. beckham48 says

    Even in summer duration it was dam cold, lots of lakes and mountain, one place to another is Long distance, only one road, if flood is kind of inaccesbile to other place, roads are literally not much cars, , but Queenstown is really beautiful, would like to go back If have the chance

  23. tsjc99 says


  24. tsjc99 says

    QTown was assume was there in Feb 2019

  25. Legendary Mothas Thomas Teng says

    im traverling queenstown for 4 days

  26. Balveer singh Deol says

    Heaven sent upon the earth ?????

  27. Jason Roy says

    Worth trying for a Permanent resident visa. So beautiful ??

  28. rahuls says

    Maze toh inke hi h, humare country me toh BC rajniti or leke rahenge hum azaadi chalta rehta h

  29. 93 97 says

    I miss it so much I’m wearing my binge jump hat from there

  30. Tech Wizard says

    Queenstown is probably the best city in New Zealand

  31. proud New Zealander Kane Willamson Army says

    Dislikers rip

  32. zombies956 says

    One day I'll be in queenstown ????????

  33. Rafael Paz says

    Been there, wonderful place! My favourite was Milford Sounds, one of the most beautiful landscapes I ever seen!

  34. Yohan Reed says

    Looks like Colorado with snow.

  35. Selvakumar Selva says

    I love new Zealand my heart place of the world ????

  36. unagi says

    what season was this taken in?

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