Quick Easy Healthy Curry – Anyone can do it!


This super quick healthy curry is as delicious as it is easy! A simple satisfying vegetarian sweet potato and spinach curry that is great as it is, or can be served with a big side salad.

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  1. Alex Martinez says

    Nissan disgusting when you eat

  2. I am Shadowbanned says

    I made this today. Simply delicious. More cooking videos please.

  3. Krishna Chebolu says

    instead of garlic try ginger garlic paste, you could add fennel powder too, when you are adding spices => just another variation.

  4. Frank Chase says

    Nice job, Chef.  It would be much healthier with some lentils and some diced tomatoes.

  5. Duster McClean says

    Indian people don’t cook with garlic.

  6. L M says

    Would Chickpeas work in this dish for a little protein punch?

  7. R Wood says

    that pizza in the intro looked so good.

  8. DukeOfChirk says

    Just cooked this. It was truly delicious…… Never going back to jars or takeouts again!

  9. AlphaBalance Wellness PTE Ltd @Duxton says

    Love this

  10. ashes0222 says

    What a pro! Looking at the camera while he pours the spices the a precise measurement. Impressive  🙂

  11. Allotmental says

    Saw you cook this recipe today at Olympia, gives me a few ideas as I have Spondylitis so loads of inflammation 🙁

  12. Isuri Ambrosu says

    You need to do more YouTube videos!!

  13. Sandy Halliday says

    Good to eat on a Detox Diet.

  14. Cathy Wilkinson says

    Will be making this tonight! looks yummy & the great basis for a veggie curry

  15. Faint Lines says

    We can even whip this one up on the tour bus 😉

  16. Lynnie Heal says

    Thankyou Dale . Garlic  is  so good . I love  a good  curry 

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