Quitting Fast Fashion | how I transitioned to a sustainable wardrobe without $$$ & why


My journey on quitting fast fashion in 2016 & what my stance is now!

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○ Kristen Leo (youtuber)
○ Guppy Friend (I think most Patagonias & REI’s sell them in store too if that’s easy for you!)

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Hello! My name is Christie. My middle name is Sedona. I’m from Montreal/New England and i’m now living in Seattle. I live a vegan, mostly zero waste lifestyle. I’m very passionate about wellness, fitness, mama earth, self care and ethical fashion. I used to be a clothing designer and freelance brand consultant but now I’m a jobless entrepreneur trying to advocate sustainable living and self love through youtube and podcasting. I’m over the moon happy to be on this journey with ya!

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  1. Sedona Christina says

    haha not entirely sure why I spoke so fast in this vid. I think your gurl had too much coffee this morning. But never the less, I hope you enjoyed this video! Excited to continue to share sustainable and thrifty fashion tips and such that I pick up! ??? Lemme know what your favourite thing about sustainable fashion is! Or perhaps lemme know about your recent thrifty finds! I luv all your inspo!! Sending ya luv ?

  2. bassoonrckr says

    Thank you for talking about the gentrification of thrifting!

  3. Sevdenur Uzunalli says

    I loved this video.

  4. Ka Ming Au Yeung 歐陽加銘 says

    I hope that sustainable fashion will one day no longer be a 'niche' topic, I hope that it will be more accessible and recognized by the public! Thank you for sharing your journey! ?

  5. Alexandria Cadwell says

    I know this video is old, and I’m not sure you’ll see it, but you mentioned not wanting to thrift underwear. Would you mind sharing some sustainable places to source undergarments?

  6. Emily Valentine says

    Hey @sedona Christina where do you recommend I buy undergarments?

  7. Lorna Tw says

    I'd not even consudered allergies and what materials you wash together!!

  8. JMB says

    Minimalist is not necessary a very strict thing. It’s a life style, a philosophy of life. And it’s not strict at all. That’s a very common prejudice we all have about it. But we just don’t know what minimalism really is.

  9. Lucy Frances Evans says

    I made a video exposing the truth about the Denim industry- something that is completely overlooked and should be public knowledge! If you enjoyed this video and want to expand your knowledge It'd be great if you could check it out 🙂 https://youtu.be/owOuL20paAs

  10. Magicka Organa says

    Ily for this! Saaame?

  11. Op-Onion42 says

    People also often overestimate how hard it is to fix or make clothes yourself. I mean certain things are hard to make like jeans etc, but many types of tops and dresses can literally be made out of two rectangles cinched at the waist with the tape of the same fabric and still look good. If you learn the basics of how to stitch fabric together and how to finish raw edges, there are many garments you can make from 2nd hand curtains/tablecloths… etc. And if you learn how to take in things you have way more options in the thrift store.

  12. Michael Anderson says

    Hey I'm currently doing some market research for an Italian sustainable fashion company called Re-Bello and I was wondering how you primarily found these companies, and if you shop on any sustainable marketplaces such as Wonderful Things or MAMOQ????

  13. Pauline Turla says

    this video was so great!

  14. Ivonne Ortiz says

    So this about supporting sustainable! I have a small business and I'd love it if more people could check it out! I run a thrift store on Instagram my username is Thrifty_Findz_ and I put a LOT of effort into it and would love it if you checked it out and followed it! This is also a way to save the EARTH! Thank youuuuu

  15. Nicole Stacey says

    Wish everyone would stop suggesting charity shops as the way to go for everyone. Plus size people cannot do that! Very frustrating

  16. Kristen Jezek says

    so happy to have found your channel! new sub and loving your work <3

  17. olivia says

    Ive been binge watching your videos ALL DAY. I was so overwhelmed at first and your videos are helping me so so much !!! Thank you so much

  18. Tanya Kushnir says

    I just have to say "I only shop a couple of times a year" is the funniest thing I've heard today. I used to be low-income, now middle class, and I've used to shop less than that. After giving birth, I completely forgot my love for fashion. It's amazing how different life experiences and culture shape our views.

  19. flora chen says

    I'm in the struggle stage of "my style"! But I really think you've got your style in some degrees based on your clothing and background! The whole atmosphere looks so comfortable and chill!!

  20. Julie Boulet says

    I don’t know why people think thrifting is so gross! Thrift stores are definitely ok, and I’ve been to the thrift markets in Tunisia and honestly there’s nothing dirty there. Just make sure that you wash everything when you get home!

  21. Ann Lidslot says

    Pre Scriptum. I left this as a comment to a comment and I felt that I wanted to leave it here too.Hi, Capitalism. It's like a self-driven beast that makes its own rules and we as people can do nothing to stop it. At a base level capitalism is a buyer and a seller and the perception of what the seller offers equals what the buyer wants to buy. If the price is too high the buyer won't buy and the seller won't sell their goods. If the price is to low the seller will wither run out of goods or they will raise the price until the system is in balance. So where does the the real life consumer come in? We are, in the end, the buyer. As a single person we don't seem to matter a whole lot, do we? The whole big beast, Capitalism, will run right over us an trample us to dust. Well, as a single person it's up to you (the single person) and your conscience how you want to handle things, but as a big collection of persons we do actually matter. We are the Buyer, remember. If we won't buy, there will be no sales, and the system is unbalanced, until the seller can find goods to that we the buyer will buy. We're already seeing things change. The big clothing companies are starting to have Policies, and yes, it might be a lot of greenwashing, but if we the buyers keep dealing with the sellers that are acting in a sustainable manner, the sellers that don't will have to either change or go bust. That is capitalism. Yours, AnnD.S

  22. Design and Technology says

    Visit LEONOEL, a sustainable fashion brand based in San Francisco, which just launched on 02.02.2020! leonoel.com

  23. Eco Nomadic says

    There are some fashion brands that use dead stock to make their clothing 🙂 Two brands that I'm aware of that use this practice are Ynhoia and Barbaraigongini.There are brands out there like wholesome Culture as well that make their items to order, so that way they don't have piles of stock sitting around that nobody wants, which is great!I know there is the dilemma that sustainable clothing still means more new clothing in the world than we actually need. It's a tough one to reckon with. I'm reading this book right now that's pretty good called The Conscious Closet. While I can't stand behind the authors clear love of leather…. there is some really good information within this book. Particularly that fast fashion is now cutting costs as much as possible my making fabrics as thin as possible in order to turn an even bigger profit. This means that clothes can break a lot quicker…. which is hella frustrating. At this point I'm going to start hand washing my clothing to help it to last longer, and mend clothing that gets torn rather than toss it in the garbage, or donate it as fabric somebody can use in a crafting project.At the end of the day, supporting ethical and sustainable brands is a crucial move that sends a clear message with how you spend your dollar. We live in a capitalist society where money has a lot of political power, as everyone by this point is very aware of.The fantastic news is, by us all getting smarter with how and where we spend our money, we have the ability to change the system inch by inch

  24. Valerie Emanuel says

    another cool video about quitting fast fashion! Fashion Film – https://lnkd.in/gFXZuYm

  25. Manmaya Rai says

    so felt so good seeing your this video u have done really great job that u can inspire other to not to get on fast fashion. you are doing just greattttt much love n support<3

  26. Moonie Onyx says

    Wow your hair is so beautiful ? also all the points in this clip are so eye opening ?

  27. Anna M says

    I live in Germany and I don’t see any thrift stores here 🙁

  28. whyb upcycling says

    I am so excited to watch future content from you! I have been looking into an upcycled and sustainable fashion!

  29. Bumblebrie says

    I absolutely love thrifting! It’s very interesting to see what others throw away that are still in great condition! I’ve found a couple shirts for a great price! I can’t believe it! ❤️

  30. Kimmie says

    I love this video. Its funny because I am already one of those people who wear what I have till I just can't anymore! Didn't realize what an issue it was to NOT be this way, and I get it. I just bought two new pairs of jeans because the ones I have are seriously dead ? .

  31. Katelyn Cosmetics says

    I really love this mindset and I wish more youtubers promoted this type of lifestyle! I love your videos!!

  32. gymnastdancerstuff says

    my mom always bought us clothes from the thrift store as kids and i kinda just adopted that into adulthood. i barely own things that are bought brand new i didn’t realize i was being ethical haha but this video definitely tempts me to not fall for sales and buy from department stores

  33. ngio french says

    IM SOOOO WOW TO U,well im from panama im working in sustanability design do u like to come speak about your experiences and your point of live ,for chafnge the world with need people like u darling please..contact me @giofrench ngio.french@gmail.com keeping in touch..

  34. Abigail Sanchez says

    LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. Not shopping sounds like a great way to transition

  35. Synic Software says

    So happy you approached this topic

  36. Fernanda Villablanca says

    I live for this content but it really makes me anxious to watch you change positions throughout the video uwu I don't meant it in a bad way but please keep that and mind..

  37. BookBuyingByBudget says

    Thrifting is great! It reuses clothes instead of just throwing them away and creating more waste.

  38. mariah canty says

    I appreciate you making this video! You came with the facts on why we should be aware of fast fashion and what it does to our environment. The biggest issue is EDUCATION. We can go to school all day, every day but this is not taught to us in school. Like you said, we were raised this way and we have this preconceived notion that thrifting is nasty and "ew, someone already wore that probably a million times". My parents have that same mindset about thrifting. I enjoy thrifting because you find stuff that is valuable, different, and more sustainable. You go on Boohoo, Fashionnova, Princess Polly, etc… everything is the SAME. You could have on the same shirt as another girl down the street lol. There are many pros to thrifting, especially if one likes to stick out as their own and not copy trends. You can make things into your own!! I have been watching more documentaries on veganism as well and the facts are there, but its what I have been used to for 20+ years of my life that make it so hard. People are not as open or caring about some issues so it makes it harder, almost like you're a weirdo/outcast because you want to help save the planet & animals? — I know some people have that mindset of "I am only one person. I can't change the world" or "I won't be here when in x amount of years." But your kids will, your grandkids will… If everyone thought they way, we would never have changes in law, activist, change, etc… One person can help another person by educating them, then so on and so on with more people…

  39. Bethanie Bentley says

    You are my life guide! I find your videos so very helpful. I've just purchased 'The True Cost' to watch. I'm really trying to reduce AS MUCH as possible when it comes to skincare, beauty and clothing. I don't plan on going 100% vegetaarian any time soon but I'm also doign my best there.I've started making my own products and I'm going to stop purchasing fast fashion.

  40. Geneva Hicok says

    This video completely changed the way I see shopping and fashion, I’m definitely going to change the way I consume clothing ??

  41. Pablo Porfirio says

    I’m producing a new brand of denim made from linen and washable leather. Yeah I know I shouldn’t for many reasons but I feel I should bring attention to the pesticide and water abuse in the denim industry but still using leather because it makes the garment more valuable to the consumer so they won’t toss it, rather pass it on for generations. I realize you we’re avoiding higher quality garments due to funds but ‘buy less, buy better’ is a possibility for some. Hopefully my Kickstarter project will do well and bring some awareness while allowing people to buy a superior quality and sustainable linen denim for the price of a premium cotton garment.

  42. jenna good says

    Your 2014 issue is my 2019 issue, so thank you

  43. Effnine66 says

    I've been reconstructing my life for almost a year now, sustainable clothes are deff on my list, although thrifting is sorta a time thing for me. I dont really have the time to sift the thrift stores for what it is I need. :(. Trying my best though.

  44. HundredDayHolly says

    This is such a fab video! I am making the transition from fast-fashion addict to sustainable fashion living and it's not been easy but there is no way I could go back now! I just made my first video 'How to be Sustainable with Fashion – 12 Easy Tips!' for those who want to start but don't know how. Would love to know what you think? ? H xx

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