1. • avery draws • says

    This is a reuploaded video.

  2. XxLazy_AmyxX says

    Can someone tell me the name of the song at the intro :p

  3. Drethoucucumber says

    i can't relate im the best at obbies

  4. Lu Kurtz says

    me wondering why the HECK I'm not subbed yet

    subscribes cutley

  5. Glitchy_Senpai says

    Mizuki might have been sweating-

  6. Just Adi says

    How did you frick up level 3?

  7. Valeera says

    Intro song?

  8. Yanni Pastel says

    This comment is early but The first stage some how gave me anxiety :/

  9. • suga weeb • says

    I beat the whole game

  10. _ItzYukiii_ says


  11. Emi.ly757 says

    Anyone got anxiety from this video

  12. B_sh says


  13. ZOE_THE_KIT-SUNE says

    I love the intro!!

  14. •Lila• says

    I’m pretty bad at obbies to-

  15. FallenGaxcha says

    Bring this back, too good UwU

  16. Clxdy's Speedpaints うわー says

    It's not fair they don't know when you say go-. Right!

  17. N & C says

    Me: imma play speed run also me: OMG REE I hTE THIS

  18. M o c h i says

    Aoi loves Potatoes!

    Aww, thats-


  19. Alice_flamingo fan says

    i dare you to race me uwu

  20. Shaded Memorys says


  21. Spaceship. Cat says

    AW MAN

  22. Shorthairedgirlie says

    When you eat one of Sonic's hairs:

  23. thatonetokyobrat says

    Well, you get a headstart everytime so its obvious you will win-

  24. Buniebunkinz says

    Watching old videos

  25. LaceyVA says

    I wanna challenge you on speed run >:3

  26. Ally_ City_Xx says

    Guys where's Aoi?

  27. ☢︎︎Yui☢︎︎ says

    Every Gachatuber be playing on Mobile and Some of us be sitting over her laughing in PC

  28. draco the wimp says

    I am yeeting me in this video :3

  29. KawaiiJ says

    And the haters gonna hate.

  30. 『 Neko - Nova 』 says

    Yo race me.

  31. Patrick Kioko says

    This game is easy, ngl.

  32. MelodyGames 10 says

    As an speed run veteran I laugh at myself when I remember I was so troubled during the 3rd level

  33. Eriエリ says

    Me getting anxiety every time you jump cause I can’t even beat level 1 without dying at least 69 times

  34. Vi says

    me: watches*
    also me: rembers the pain about finishing this game 4 years ago

  35. Malinda Garrison says

    It looks like lag hit them- but not u

  36. very interesting says

    Me reach to level 20:

    Everyone: wow

    Irl me: (suffered from dying)

  37. Ravenz_Featherz says

    The music at the start is what my dad plays whenever me and my sister have to brush out teeth to pressure us.

  38. Blossom Ito says

    Me: im pretty good at speed run!
    *gets to level 6*

  39. Mira the Potato :3 says

    The way she was turning her camera on the first map gave me anxiety-

  40. Sofija Lavrentjeva says

    Present time: July
    Video: January
    Me watching the video on july: 🌝 I am too late brothers

  41. Yanal Kun says

    I challenge you

  42. I Am Human says

    why am i soooooo jelaous cuz aoi has roblox but i dont hav cus it banned in uae

  43. 【• Kirby •】 says

    I hate this song its the bell for me to get to class in the mornings

  44. Rainbøw Røses says

    Speed run is easy tho…. :/

  45. Clxwny says

    Aw man.

  46. beanos says

    that intro tho-

  47. xox_αngel wolfy says

    Play piggy

  48. amesheri says

    "you be looking like a poopoo"

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