RAGE OF THE DRAGON | 鷹拳 | Mission For The Dragon | Carter Wong | 黃家達 | Full Kung Fu Movie | English


Two of Asia’s biggest martial arts stars team up in this excellent offering from Korea. Two sons swear to avenge their father’s murder. They set off in search of the last man to see him alive.
Dragon Lee
Carter Wong – Master Kwan (as Carter Wong Ka-Tat)
Martin Chiu
Hyeong-Kan Choi
Min Kyu Choi – (as Chui Man Fooi)
Ji-hye Kim (as Sheila Kim)
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  1. Katrina Neal says

    Dragon. Lee. has on this tight tee shirt where does the mirror vest come from…..

  2. Kotireddy Vuyyuru says

    Ragisankati made

  3. Peter Jones says

    Hollywood. The Tree Light Keeper.******

  4. Renério Oliveira says

    Tinha que colocar filme em português

  5. Bikram Kachary says

    I love you chines kamfu

  6. Yongky Pedas says


  7. Chris Real says

    The sound effects is the only reason why I like this lol

  8. Katrina Neal says

    Who in the hell fight with sunglasses on not a good movie Corny ……

  9. S Lee says

    Everybody loves big tall Dragon Lee.

  10. Evangelos says

    I love this Movie <3

  11. Katrina Neal says

    He really nthink he is Bruce Lee but he has nothing on him….

  12. S Frederick says

    childhood classic

  13. Abdellatif Kalkel says


  14. Uzziah's Exquisite Cakes says

    I enjoyed the mystery,Dragon Lee❤

  15. anthony pucci says

    not very good

  16. Aziz Amine says

    Bruce Lee dragon

  17. joe selzer says

    i did like the high pitch poking sound when he made contact to the body and what with i have to shirt off my to show off my body before i fight lol why couldn't the girl do that instead lol also at 1:05:59 if u close your eye you would swear it was a older video game some was plying so funny

  18. Javus Bonmon says


  19. Mike Duncan says

    not so good.

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