RAINBOW SIX SIEGE RAP by JT Music – "Knock Knock" (All 36 Operators)


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You’ve been asking for this for years and we’ve finally came around to making a Rainbow Six Siege Rap. Enjoy!

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RAINBOW SIX SIEGE RAP by JT Music – “Knock Knock”
#rainbow6siege #siege

Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. FROST902 YT says

    Attackers: Knock Knock, whos thereDefenders: No one *STEALTH 99999*

  2. pindoolman says

    im happy that i play this game and NOT FORTNITE

  3. Doom Slayer says

    you should remaster this with all newest operators

  4. Mr potato gamer boi says

    Was I the only one who was discraced when they saw someone using valkarye shotgun

  5. cal_ren says

    The intro woke me up at 4 and I was honestly scared

  6. Sangk says

    lmao imagine having only 36 operators

  7. Marco Buonincontro says

    who else used to watch his fnaf and hello neighbor raps and then started playing siege and found this on their reccommended

  8. Frik Na luzie says

    "Knock knock""Who's there?""The end""End of what?""Your life."

  9. Sgt. Nick says

    Daym this is an awesome song, but only when we win??

  10. Im A Person says

    I think that JT has to make another one now that there is 52 or 54 ops in the gameAnd i wanna see what they can come up with that is new

  11. Adrian Bunea says


  12. Vfenom says

    An instrumental would be lit ?

  13. Cyber Truck says

    Jt music you can learn a thing from nerdout with the song of Rainbows in the Dark

  14. Terabyte says

    Plz update song with the new operators plz

  15. Simon Ginger says

    im in tears! this is really good rap! you used so many references !!

  16. MemeLord 29 says

    The Operators just come outta the floor and be like “FLOOR GANG OUGH!”

  17. cody shaver says

    When protestors break down ur door and u got ur caliber in hand putting em down

  18. bi o says

    The fact that recruit headshoted a black beard makes him the best operator in the game

  19. Speedruns for charity USA says

    so, i'm considering getting this game:1. how hard is it?2. How friendly is the community?3. is there a single player campaign?

  20. Magical Jagical says

    Hopefully they do an updated one, Because we got 56 ops now.

  21. amir abid says

    You know you fucked up when tachanka is on the attacking side 0:13

  22. Dorian says

    Knock knock!Who's there?BOOM!Boom wh-BOOM

  23. Mittens Is Taken says

    This man needs to remake this everytime a new operation comes out

  24. matthew byrom says

    All hail Lord techanka

  25. Gamer Cat says

    Recruit is the best operator in R6

  26. Roberto Menichinelli says


  27. Sture Akker says

    Melusing my elo to the ace that acing

  28. branlwfdu 1 says

    Should've put recruit in bold too cuz technically he is

  29. ByLuzi says


  30. ByLuzi says


  31. linkplayz95 oof says

    Tachankas bane your a winner

  32. Bowen LaValley says

    This is the cluster charge of youtube

  33. Thegmoney0919 says

    It's now steel wave and the new ops

  34. rey hayasi says

    Terrorist: *pick the hostage in the schoolR6 players:my time has come

  35. Neon Rose says

    When corona’s on your doorstep

  36. chris afton says

    One game I was defense and my friends were attacking so I gave them all armor and we just memed

  37. Funny Bunny says

    Oh this aged hard

  38. ZeRo says

    E girl ying in game wit thirsty jager puts device down ying (why) jager(bc my balls going in your room:)

  39. ZeRo says

    What fuck that knock knock was so scary

  40. W.D GASTER says

    some one as smoke: throws toxic greanademe AS smoke : nice try bitch!

  41. Moon Wukong says


  42. Muhammed Kral says

    (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  43. MyNameBeRamen says

    This was made 2 years ago? Only 36 ops only 2 years ago. As far as we know, there are many more to come.

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