1. TVTruther says

    huh…so this proves he can play some high level soccer? ok…april fools?

  2. Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2 says

    #inreplytoJamesGlover  You don't know your history. Argentina massacred their indigenous native indian population and they STILL have native indian mestizos (as they call them) within the racial fabric of the populace. Argentina didn't really use slaves (well, not entirely true but that's the short version). Argentina DID, however want to lighten up the population from the darker native indian tribes and encouraged italian, Spanish, and German emigrants to move to the country using tax incentives and so forth. Maradona, for instance, has native indian blood. A player like Gabriel Heinze on the other hand clearly has German (Nazi) blood…Learn some history before making stupid blanket statements

  3. James Glover says

    Brazil is primarily a white country with about 60% of the population being white. About 20% of the people are black and the other 20% are mixed or asian.

  4. James Glover says

    Argentina is a country of almost all white people. It has an almost non existant black, mixed, or Indian population.

  5. T McSweeney says

    eh, they aren't great but who cares, they're just havin fun…

  6. grandeTO9 says

    That old man ain't bad

  7. tranurse says

    @akrivosdiavolos73 i'm not a soccer fan, sorry. but the brazilians are pretty much black, and aren't they the best players ever???? pele comes to mind.

  8. akrivosdiavolos73 says

    @BlkStunna8 ..dude…like EPMD says…you gotsa chill…he he he

  9. Kwame M says

    @akrivosdiavolos73 wtf have you read your comment who is the one playing the race card?

  10. Kwame M says

    @akrivosdiavolos73 Argentina is definetly in South America last time i checked. And the thing about African teams is a lot of their players end up playing abroad and not necessarily for their home countries. But i mean you can sit here and say white this white that if you guys want to make the irrational claim that you dominate soccer fine. Thats about it as far as sports goes though. My statement was simply that black people aren't bad at soccer i don't see why the hoop-la on my comment

  11. WaxenMeatpatty says

    vikes got him back 😀

  12. Kwame M says

    @tljsm I know he don't mean black people look at the top Euro teams (chelsea prime example) half of them are black, Brazil is always great they are black. Unless you mean African Americans which isn't that we're bad just most are disinterested

  13. Nay Yomi says

    @tljsm whos 'you guys'

  14. Nay Yomi says

    @scottyboy91 dats a pretty sstupid statement

  15. juve621 says

    That white kid is GARBAGE!! I'd fuck up Randy Moss any day!!!

  16. Kushlord Rat says

    theire are 14 black players in the nhl, and the reason they dont play hockey is because that shit cost alot of money to play as a kid.

  17. QuicK2800 says

    idk he looks pretty terrible at soccer…

  18. Shiron says

    Brashear is the meanest black man in the NHL.

  19. Clipazine says


  20. foxfire1112 says

    I know, isnt it crazy how most of these superstars could be PRO in other sports, randy basketball and football

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