1. Jason Crispell says

    Thanks for  the upload, really interesting.

  2. JesusAntonio says

    at first i thought when they said lucian it sounded like lee sin? lol

  3. Ben Dracup says

    how r u enjoying playing jangle

  4. KeksiLPs says

    Very well played, that Ziggs is a beast.

  5. elmo primmer says

    i LOVE these ranked 5s!!!! 😀

  6. Dima Tillmann says


  7. Christoffer Tjulander says

    More ranked 5's!

  8. Damosstorm says

    Officer vi or neon strike, which do you prefer?

  9. wenbodou says

    lmao i was hearing lee sin and karthus (???) all game

  10. Kirky says

    Dat outro!

  11. Dirkwolf says

    I have 3 questions. Is foxdrop really your brother? If so, why don't you play with him (or make videos with him in it if you do play together)? And how long have you been playing league? I love watching your videos ( and foxdrop as well ). There's always something nice to learn from your videos. Thanks for taking time to share your knowledge!

  12. Enrico Ferro says

    you should do more videos like this one

  13. Jasper Laponder says

    45th !

  14. Carl Ottinger says

    Outro song?

  15. AzuraLOL says

    Are you using Teamspeak? And also what are you recording your games with 🙂

  16. Garrett Shirk says

    It would be great if you uploaded champ select too

  17. Trevuhhh says

    Should I max q on vi? I have seen many people max e

  18. Felix says

    GG WP

  19. Luke Rogalski says

    Finally an actual game

  20. Galaick says

    Phy, you're a knobhead.

  21. Dippen says

    This was actually very interesting. Make sure to also upload games where you lost, might learn something from that too 🙂

  22. nick chr says

    Phy jungling and huzzy as a top laner ?I prefer watching you guys at your original lanes :P….jungle isn't even a lane , but whatever

  23. HuzzyGames says

    This game was not fun -.-

  24. Zioke says

    DAYUM Honor that Morgana!

  25. RaindZero says

    The support you have is a fcking beast

  26. redarrow4201 says

    I saw this was a jungle game and thought it was huzz without really thinking. I was very confused for about thirty seconds.

  27. Shiro Okami says

    you should keep jungle timers 

  28. Jonathan Harder says

    Nice Gameplay, but why didn`t you buy armor?

  29. Deniedmercy says


  30. Netrole says

    The morgana bindings… always hitting their target, just too good

  31. ohadba says

    heheheheh i watched your brother's naut video and i heard you're a scumbag in real life :DDDD

  32. Crusty Moses says

    u shud make more team gameplay vids i know it may be harder for u all to get on at the same time but they are much more enjoyable to watch compared to normal solo gameplay

  33. Viktor Polášek says

    I love this kind of videos so much!!!! 😀

  34. average moe says

    nice vid.i learn how to vi from this

  35. Vidrond says

    almost first 🙁

  36. Taliker says


  37. Lucas Robert Hansen Jantunen says

    First i was first!

  38. Average Gamer says


  39. Kibb; says


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