1. Imdaad Ul-Haque says

    It's soo funny how you pin point all the things wrong with the Chelsea performance but still blame the ref! ?

  2. J Fgaming says


  3. yungstahotmail says

    More salt than the sea

  4. Kuuurrrtissss23 says

    Lewis you sound all SALTY ??

  5. JOSH OFILI says


  6. Sophie Mason says

    https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-stop-being-insecureLewis mate, here's a link about boosting your self-esteem and telling you how to stop feeling so insecure. You should really have a look, it might do you some good

  7. Azi says

    if chelsea won, u probably wldve run around ur street. salty guy

  8. Daniel Nemeth says

    Bitter Chelsea fan

  9. Sanny Chetry says

    As the Arsenal fan, loving life watching this lovable kid cry ?

  10. Ian Nyabereka says

    Come on he only got the red card wrong, Martinez caught to ball in the box and you guys never registered a shot on target for 80 minutes we absolutely dominated and outplayed you ? keep feeling salty ????????

  11. Farid Ramadan says

    I’m an arsenal fan but I ain’t gon lieChelsea lost because of the ref but arsenal didn’t win because of the refIf that makes sense

  12. Malachy Crawford says

    We would've had these guys ballix

  13. Jcrxz Bufazi says

    Keep crying Lewis Lampard ??

  14. Jcrxz Bufazi says

    In Troopz voice “Meme who blood? I will Meme your gyal rudeboy!! Meme your bloodclart!!!! “?⚪️?⚪️

  15. BMT F4M says

    Who's this twat on about Anthony Taylor lost u two cup finals u mad?? Red card was harsh on kovacic tbf but other than that everything else was spot on! Even the Moses red card was deserved in 2017 so don't cry lad

  16. elvedin krlic says

    All I am going to tell you presence blood

  17. Gd2knw says

    HOLD that L

  18. Asanda Mkhize says

    London is RED…

  19. Juel Rajak says

    Thanks for the video. Was a very enjoyable watch ????????????????

  20. Ryan Guy says

    Think the ref contributed to us losing but not too arsenal winning it, they looked stronger before the red and after our injuries

  21. Daunghtyy Days says

    Can’t blame it on the ref we dominated and you were 2-1 down in the first place we even had a disallowed goal ?

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