1. Jay Cartwright says


  2. niki dominikus says

    The next vs Arsenal & Wolve Chelsea gonna loose again you watched! And we talk vs Bayern Munchen in Champion league? you talking 5-0???

  3. niki dominikus says

    Lampard useless sacked him hopeless dont know what he is doing? get a decent coaches i'm Chelsea since 1988 ok i m really dissapointed! Chelsea 've got million $ player can't even beat Sheffield United the team who just promot Barkly/gorginho hopeless defence hopeless the goal keeper sacked him stupid get Willy Cabalero more experience get Kovacik better for midfield

  4. Jack Lewis says

    Oh shut up. Try being a hull fan

  5. Afif Tameem says

    Haha where is Angry Rantman?

  6. Roy dont be nosy says

    As a Blades fan I come in peace, let me say if your team had half your passion mate you would have made a game of it,its about desire as much as skill,our back line cost 5 million in total but yours cost god knows how much but they didn't seem up for the battle,I like Frank Lampard but he really has to make them earn their vast salaries.But dont be too hard on them as we are very underrated and we have beat some so called big clubs.

  7. ashwani khandelwal says

    Angry Rantman delivers real Rants

  8. karwan hassan says

    I like you your funny man

  9. karwan hassan says


  10. G says


  11. Superblade 86 says

    Another ‘bad day at the office’ by a ‘big club’ against Sheffield United (yes, Sheffield United, not Sheffield. Sheffield are a non league club, Sheffield United are a PL club).

  12. Man in Blue says

    Plz Collab with Angry Rantman

  13. WeHateSpurs -_- says

    You sound just like me during the match ?

  14. Paddy Nevs says

    *bornemouth and Southampton won and drawn respectively so it’s still in our hands

  15. classic Joe 14 says

    You are being very harsh on jorginho

  16. Evan Playz says

    max arrons would be a good shout

  17. Black Doug says

    Still 3rd how??

  18. Kemi Popoola says

    Bruno Fernandez pogba Sancho and grelish is better than ziyeck werner Pulisic and Kai haverts does chelsea Combination is the worst I am a Manchester United fan

  19. Kemi Popoola says

    Ziyeck and Timo werner will not cope at chelsea with rubbish defense

  20. Kemi Popoola says

    Sheffield utd played better chelsea have the worst central defenders what is zouma rudigar and Christensen

  21. Paul Singh says

    Don’t worry our undercover agent solanke saved us

  22. Sam O says

    It is true that defence is important but Bruno Fernandes transformed Man united and he’s a number 10

  23. Joe Hardy says

    I was so glad you didn't bring on Giroud until it was too late he is class( Joe Blade)

  24. Will gascoyne says

    Sheffield United beating teams having off days since 1889 ?⚪️⚔️

  25. lewis roberts says

    twat, Sheffield on top

  26. Zak Szilagyi says

    Bournemouth are shit uh? Want to swallow your words?

  27. Craig McKinnon says

    Actually it's so obvious Sell Rudi Alonso EmersonJorg barks Bats 150millLoan to buy out Kepa (plus this 80mil for Havertz)Buy OblakKoubaily Alaba Bring back Ampadu Gallagher

  28. g Salim says

    Cupcake anyone?

  29. fort771 says

    Blades 2 good 4 u matey! Nothing to do with wether jerew whatshisface was playing or not. Could a striker stop 3 goals u muppet! Learn the game lad. UTB

  30. clyde ndlovu says

    Bro you said exactly how i feel!

  31. Manu Iyabz says

    I think the new kit is a curse lol Defeats so far: West Ham 3 – 2 Chelsea Shefield 3 – 0 chelseaPlease change the number 3 logo lol

  32. Leo Malinda says

    United fun but I feel your pain mate. Unacceptable by Chelsea’s standards

  33. Stephen Piggott says

    Could not agree more. Weak!

  34. Ken Kennlo says

    You don't have to apologise my friend, every real Chelsea fan is damn pissed off just like you. Thank you for the upload

  35. Ken Kennlo says

    This team is not good enough to wear a Chelsea badge. Our coach has no system to defend. Kovacic was suppose to start together with Giroud. Every time we start with Tammy Abraham we loose but I don't no why he likes changing the winning team.

  36. Tony o farrell says

    Dont think we've been fine for a while now ,franks system didn't work for Derby ,and it's not working now ,FRANK hasn't learned nothing since we lost 4-0 to Man utd at the start of the season ,

  37. Philip Broughton says

    Sheffield United record against London teams this season: P10 W6 D4 L0 F16 A6 Pts 22 Don't take it so bad.

  38. Chelsea tv says

    First time on your chat you said it all I live in Bolton been Chelsea fan for 50 years this lot are a disgrace we buy two rollsroyses and have a garage full of ford capris

  39. Bradly bBelle says

    Am a united fan and am wondering how the fuck has YouTube recommend this to me? First time i hear of this channel. Nevertheless am giving you a thumbs up bro, ?

  40. museli chibenga says

    We need Milinkovic Savic, Declan Rice, Thiago, Chilwell and Ake

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