Raúl Jiménez is on his way to Manchester United? | Man United Transfer News



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  1. victoria helburn says


  2. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    1:55 unbelievable

  3. Simon Cowie says

    Fans think net spend is a thing we know it’s not cause of football games like FIFA & Football Manager that’s why their minds are so curruptIf they had brains they would all be dangerous Terry

  4. Simon Cowie says

    Terry I don’t buy it myself.It could be one of them deals we have agreed it & we complete it on the quiet but don’t announce it untill the Sancho deal is announced & completed cause Man Utd want Sancho to be their first & our biggest signing.Then someone at Wolves let it slip trying to get Jiménezes replacement.Jiménez is a good ST & we know Ighalo is leaving in January so that’s his replacement sorted as well.We are looking at a striker to replace Ighalo in January Dembele was tipped as the main choice.It’s watch this space

  5. Bobby Belter says

    Raul jiminez couldn't hold Greenwoods jock strapThis is total bs

  6. Andrew Ormerod says

    Raul Jimenez if he does come to the club will probably be a sub and will probably come on for Rashord and Martial

  7. Amaury Agraz says

    Man United need a pure number 9 striker like Raul Jimenez!!!

  8. Ali Umer says

    Terry lowkey takin digs at goldbridge, so petty

  9. Fletch says

    Why are fish & chips so expensive?

  10. chris walker says

    Benfica fans will tell you Jimenez was a good sub. I don’t know what he is saying ?.

  11. Stephen Burke says

    Last Christmas l told everyone Utd were after Jimenez and Grealish add Chillwell to that list.

  12. Malcolm Walker says

    Jiminez is only as good as Adama Traoré keeps feeding him the perfect balls. Traore is the better buy

  13. slbenfica100 says

    I’m from Portugal and I’ve never heard of RTP reporting On transfers

  14. Humberto De La Cruz says

    I’m with you terry. I like the deal, I just don’t believe it ?

  15. May Day USA says

    Get Adama…the guy is a beast

  16. wayne mckie says

    Man Utd fans having a wank over nothing Jimanez going no where nothing in the midland papers or from the club you fucking bunch of wankers

  17. Brian Masterson says

    It's all nonsense until it actually happens.

  18. sadek rahman says

    How much will he cost? i think Wolverhampton wanderers will want over 60 million for Jiminez, it would have been cheaper to go for around Timo Verna for 50 around Mil. .

  19. Lwazi Sikhakhane says

    Can someone please explain to me how are all these players gonna fit in the man Utd squad,man Utd has too many players that are good and Im just wondering how are they all gonna fit in the starting line up

  20. Carl Fannon says

    Love this guy and love the show, I’m hooked ??

  21. Cedric Levy says

    You know the saying, if it is too good to be true, it ain't

  22. Rob Johnson says

    I like Ake and would like him as a Man United player as a squad player. But I wouldn't pay anymore than £30 million for him. City have a packed squad, so can afford to pay above market value on a target. United's money is tied into the Sancho deal right now. Until we have a set fee in that deal, we don't know what else we can spend. Plus the likes of Sanchez,Smalling and Rojo, we don't know what wages are freed up and what extra transfer money is available.

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