Ravoshia – Fashion Killa


Fashion Killa Available

‘Fashion Killa’ is gaining major traction, “Getting Much Love” X Now Playing On Some Hit Radio Stations Nationwide in U.S. As well as, in other countries such as, UK, Toronto, Canada, Europe, Australia, Oversea’s in the Caribbean. It made it to #4 on Chicago’s BMS radio Urban “Hits You Love” Charts. Hit #7 via a international Itunes chart. FashionKilla Remix here

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  1. Tom Hardy says

    YESS she better perform??????

  2. James S. Patterson says

    SOund Dope.

  3. Cronic beats says

    I just stumbled across this one. You have a dope chorus. Can we send over some beats

  4. Brenda G. Miller says

    Sound Dope

  5. Megan T. Peacock says

    Love it???

  6. Carla Dellucci says

    Best Music Video ever

  7. James Göransson says

    Just Fire

  8. Villiam Ekström says

    Straight ??? fam!!

  9. Vibrant, Healthy and Fit says

    So Fantastic, Love you just share

  10. Kathrin Pfaff says

    So fantastic Lovely Work

  11. Mack Rean Official says

    This is really the most “PERFECT” song ever….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. UKArtist says

    what an amazing song you killed it

  13. Davor Salaji says

    Beautiful singer and great song??????

  14. Adley Cady says

    Awesome one ?

  15. Tim Martin says

    This is fantastic

  16. Chris Barrie says

    Make more songs for me

  17. Diana Gambon says

    Oh! This is great

  18. Stephen Foster says

    Just heard this from a friend she is sooooo bombbbbb

  19. George Steve says

    Her dancing at the middle part is beyond amazing and unique.

  20. Colin Baker says

    Heard this in Australia ?? love you Ravoshia this song rocks beautiful.

  21. Diana Gambon says

    This song is playing a lot in Chicago yeaaaahhh

  22. Rose Arthur says

    Love her so much she is going to explode I feel it….

  23. Pacey Cyrus says

    ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️ wow

  24. Jenny John says

    Yessss I just found this gifted women on Instagram she is definitely next big female super ?

  25. Elizabeth McGee says


  26. Jeremy Wills says

    Dislike haha, not feeling it ?

  27. Albert Larry says

    So underrated, she has the whole package. Something is really serious about her and her talent. I’m blown away.

  28. Robert Lee says

    RAVOSHIA ???

  29. George Steve says

    I really love it ?hope she releases this song as a single soon.

  30. Colin Baker says

    ???? love you queen

  31. Diana Gambon says

    ??? Ravoshia is so dope! I love this song, her style, voice just everything about her is like great!

  32. Fairfax Fax says

    Hate it, lol plp seriously like her I don’t get why at all she’s a wanna be to me opinion.

  33. Holly Rose says

    She is straight fire ??

  34. golden triangletour says

    . Can’t get into but I do love her energy though,!

  35. Brian Cates says


  36. Rosalia Taylor says

    yo sexy lady… i love your grace

  37. James Watt says

    such a good song, it's just fantastic! Keep it up!

  38. Golden Triangle Tour says

    I wanna see her Live so bad after seeing this even more.!

  39. Chris Barrie says

    ? she murdered this I’m so excited ?

  40. Bella Berry says

    superstar big fan

  41. Tim Martin says

    She isn’t nothing spectacular… haha nice try however lol ?

  42. Adley Cady says

    Truly obsessed ? with #Ravoshia

  43. Will Merton says

    My fav part is when she takes off her jacket she is a natural performer ?

  44. Helen Baxendale says

    This song is official,,beat, lyrics vocals are on point.

  45. Brian Smith says

    SHE IS A PROBLEM!!This is FIRE????

  46. Alice Keegan says

    She is not playing games, she’s performs way better then most of the other new female artist out

  47. Max Beesley says

    Definitely here for Miss Ravoshia ???

  48. Henry Hilton says

    Her voice, style and to top it off the dancing is in a top level, looking forward to seeing Ravoshia blow

  49. Kerry Bell says

    I love the song so much ❤️

  50. Burton Willard says

    Hate ?

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