RDFs 1423 Formation The FUTURE of Football? Reinventing the WM formation | FM20 Tactics


The “False Back Line” is something that RDF has invented in FM20. RDF has created a very unconventional shaped tactic, which he was hugely successful with in his 1st season as manager of Arsenal FC. This is all about GOALS!

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  1. GS z3PHyR says

    just finished doing an experiment in fm 20 do check it out guyshttps://youtu.be/3cEwh_-6x5o

  2. Taz DeVille says

    Great commentary very informative about the tactic. I did something similar 14212 in FM online to counter the 433 sheep. Inspired me to retry something different thanks.

  3. Charles Pumfrey says

    I never knew I need something until I hear "A-Boom-eyang" I forgot this was for an FM tactic, tbh

  4. Jarhead FM says

    Done something similar using a cd and dlp d with 2 iwbs d. Get a high back 3 with a sweeper basically

  5. chunkz1187 says

    I tried the same thing a few years ago with Bayern but leaked a lot of goals, many games were won 7-5, 8-7 etc

  6. Chiggsy says

    Great voice.

  7. MyYouTube says

    Could I use something instead of complete forward

  8. Memj 292 says

    Thank you I've used this tactic and it's had worked straight away.

  9. Rodrigo Barenco says

    You should try 3 -1 – 2 – 3 – 1 With 2 fullbacks

  10. drew3ism says

    Love this video. You have explained it so well and gone into enough depth to support the tactic. Going to try this with K.R.C Genk in my new save.

  11. cally400 says

    I might have to try this tactic. Do you play players on their preferred side? Do you play left footer on the left, right footer on the right? Or is that not important?

  12. Oluwaseke Tanimola says

    what if you switched the false 9 with an AM/AP, how would it turn out

  13. C WIlson says

    Why do you not use the match engine? At least for one or two highlights.

  14. T3KKANッ says

    I had ideas like this but they say using 3 strikers is bugging the game, even thought the opponents do it… Is there any team in football which uses 3 strikers?

  15. snadderp says

    You got this formation from reddit though

  16. Stu Needham says

    no link to download and try it out? must be confident that it works?

  17. Ryan Ives says

    Can someone who’s uses this actually tell me if it works before I use it

  18. RagingRED Gamer says

    Gotta say…this is very difficult to play with. 2 forwards against me and i'm screwed. Seems it's only a tactic for teams with high quality players in all positions and offers very little cover at all.

  19. Hridita Riya says

    Hey would appreciate some suggestions on my tactic that i am hoping to use with my BVB squad. I think they got some fast players and would really work for them. My formation is 4-2-4 and the roles and duties i am hoping to use is sk(s)- BPD(D)- CD(C)- FB(S)-WB(S), my 2 midfielders would be DLP(S)-BBM(S), 2 wingers one is inside forward(s) and other is winger(s), 2 forwards AF(A) and F9(S). Does all the roles and duties look reasonable or what should i change? I am not really a pro at tactics

  20. Thomas Metcalf says

    Just trying this with Bilbao so far so good 3 straight wins

  21. Rahadianto Putra says

    Finaly the WM tactic!

  22. AKC says

    why are the oi's like that? 10:26

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